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Elk Mound agrees to sell siren lot for associated costs

By LeAnn R. Ralph
ELK MOUND — The Elk Mound Village Board has approved selling the lot where the old warning siren was located to the adjoining landowners for closing costs and for the cost of the title report.

The title report will be around $150, and there also will be other costs associated with closing on the property, said Pat Hahn, village clerk-treasurer, at the Elk Mound Village Board’s September 5 meeting.

A new warning siren has been installed by the new village hall in Elk Mound.

The old warning siren has been removed from tower, although the tower still remains on the property, noted Terry Stamm, public works director.

The homeowner who lives next to the location of the old warning siren, Lisa Hassemer, appeared before the Elk Mound Village Board at the August 1 meeting to talk about the lot and to say that when they purchased the property 17 years ago, they were promised they could buy back the 1,900-square-foot lot for $1.

No records exist with the village to indicate anyone in authority had offered the lot for $1.
The village purchased the entire lot in 1911 for $300 and sold off the 66-foot by 100-foot lot in 1947 for $50 where the Hassemers’ house is situated, according to deed information in the village’s records.

The deed does not show any additional transfer of the property after 1947.

The village board has two choices, Stamm said at the September 5 meeting.

The village board can either decide to keep the property, leave the tower where it is and keep the property insured — or the village board can sell the property, he said.

The tower does not appear to contain enough scrap metal to make it worthwhile for someone to take down the tower and sell it for scrap, Stamm said.

The Elk Mound Village Board voted unanimously to offer the property to the adjoining landowners for costs associated with the sale.