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Colfax Health and Rehab – September 12, 2012

It’s the second of September, where did our summer go? Here at Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center we are taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

After breakfast on Sunday, many residents enjoyed the Church service broadcast from Eau Claire Grace Lutheran Church. Family and friends visited. Leona Ubbelohde stopped it and chatted with many. She always has an uplifting pleasant word for everyone. Thank you, Leona. The dinner on Sunday was Roast Turkey or Pork Chops, Bread Dressing, Gravy, Squash, Peas, Cranberries, Buttered Rolls, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, and Ice Cream. The wonderful meal and the warm weather were just the right combination for residents to enjoy the court yard and visits from friends and family.

Monday was Labor Day. Many residents went on family picnics. The meals were special in our dining rooms and the REX Classes had a holiday note as well.

On Tuesday morning we had our September Resident Council Meeting. Lois Hayes read a lovely poem called “To be a child again”. Residents have had many new and valuable ideas that are the result of the resident council meetings. We also had Mass with Father Joe for our Catholic residents. In the afternoon the Bingo players were ready to play. Coffee and treats were served after the games. The Happy Hour Lounge was ready for customers. It is always a social time to sit and chat and many residents look forward to this every week. Veda was here all day helping and visiting and reading to residents.

On Wednesday Pastor Schweitzer from Bethany Church led the church service. Deloris was our pianist. Linnea was here to help. After residents had had dinner and gone to the REX class, they came down to the south dining room and we played “Bean Bag Games”. Residents were very competitive and recognition was awarded to the winners.

On Thursday morning the volley ball teams lined up. When it was discovered that it was Ding’s birthday his team (the Blue Team) said they would win and they did. Blues 15 to Reds 4. The afternoon program was music by one our favorite entertainers, Dale Martell. He plays many instruments including the fiddle. Toe taping music was enjoyed by all.

On Friday morning, Loretta led the Rosary in the resident lounge, while Deloris and Glen led our Gospel Sing. The combination Deloris on the piano, Glen leading the song’s made for a beautiful program. Linnea and Veda were here to help. In the afternoon we had a Dime Bingo game. Beverages and treats were served after the game. Veda took people on walks, in-between the rain drops.

All week long residents took advantage of the REX Classes which are scheduled at 1pm and 6pm every day. On Saturday “Hollywood” was the game of choice.

This brought another week to a close here at Colfax Health and Rehab Center, in the land of Colfax where the men are strong and so are the women.

CUTLINE – ROBERT BRUNSTAD is “Wheel Chair Dancing” to music of Dale Martell. – photo submitted