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Colfax Health and Rehab – September 12, 2012

Sunday was the 26th of August. Warm weather returned much to the delight of many residents who enjoy going outside. Leona Ubbelohde was here to visit and inspire. She is a blessing to us and our community.

Residents had an opportunity to listen or watch the Grace Lutheran Church broadcast from Eau Claire. The REX Class at 1 o’clock had everyone moving. REX stands for Restorative Exercise Class. We have REX Classes every day at 1PM and at 6 p.m. The RNA’s (Restorative Nursing Assistants) are very busy with these classes. They also have a REX class in the afternoon in Miniblom. They carry out the individual programs. Individual exercise and range of motion (ROM) and walking programs are designed by our Physical Therapy Department specifically for each resident’s needs.

Monday was a wonderful day. After breakfast we had devotions, reading group, exercise classes in the morning. Alice Massie read more of her stories. The afternoon kept us guessing as we played “Wheel of Fortune” with the Ottinger Family. Following the game there was a 66th Anniversary Party for Ding and Tony Reetz. Their daughters, Ann Johnson and Jane Zwiefelhofer, brought cake and ice cream for everyone. Many friends and family came to help celebrate. Pianist Carol Skutely played many of the couple’s favorite songs. The bride and groom wore white gardenia corsages, like they did on their wedding day 66 years ago. Sue Hill was here helping to make the afternoon festivities a great success.

On Tuesday at 10 o’clock we had Beauty Boutique. Residents hands are pampered and polished and everyone seems to enjoy the time to socialize. Veda came to help with days programs. In the afternoon we played Bingo. The prizes help to supply the snacks for residents. We have a snack cart passed room to room at 9:45 and 6:30 Pm. Coffee and cookies are also served after activities programs. In other words no one goes hungry here! Happy Hour starts at 3:34 on Tuesdays. Sometimes residents sing with the karaoke machine while they enjoy their beverage of choice.

On Wednesday Pastor Conklin from Colfax & Tainter United Methodist Church led the Worship Service. Deloris Huber played the music while we sang the hymns. Joy Rides for some in the afternoon and movie and popcorn for other residents were the programs.

On Thursday morning Veda and Ashlee Coates and her children kept the volleyball players busy. The Blue team served and volleyed. After much play the Red Team walked away with a 15 to 7 win. But nobody seems to care who won, since they all had a good time! In the afternoon we played “Wheel of Fortune”. Coffee and snacks were served and we sat around and visited for a while after the game.

On Friday Veda was in bright and early to help with the day’s programs. Veda got the Catholic residents to Rosary led by Loretta Logslett and then set up for the Gospel Sing at 10:00. Glen and Deloris led the program, Glen with his wonderful voice and Deloris with her beautiful piano music. The afternoon Dime Bingo Games began at 2:00. Coffee and treats were served. Many people ventured outside for some “Sun Time” before supper.

Saturday, September 1st rolled around and residents took advantage of the warm weather. They went for walks and sat and visited with friends and family. “Hollywood” was the game at 2:00 PM and then it was back outside for many who wanted to enjoy the fine weather. That is all for now from Colfax where the men are robust and the women are radiant!