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DMV adds vehicle title and registration to its list of online services

Now when you purchase an auto, light truck, motorcycle or SUV through a private sale you can go online to title and register it, saving yourself a trip to the DMV. A new title application system called eMV Public can be found at

“Dealerships have had this convenience for a while, and now we are able to extend it to our customers who purchase vehicles through private sales,” notes Bureau of Vehicle Services Director Mitchell Warren. “More and more DMV services and transactions are moving online, and this is good news for our customers.”

The eMV Public application is available 24/7, is easy to use, and your title record and license plate information are updated immediately after you complete the online application. Once complete, mail your title, receipt and any other required documents and fees to the DMV. If you request new license plates, they should arrive within two weeks.

With eMV Public you can:
• Transfer existing valid license plates.
• Obtain new license plates (within two weeks).
• Print 90-day temporary license plates for easy display in the back window of most vehicles.

With the addition of eMV Public, there are now well over a dozen DMV services online. “Clearly it is the way to go if you want to save time and money,” notes Warren. Aside from getting a driver license, just about everything else a customer needs from DMV can be done online at or through the mail and does not require a visit to a service center..