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PSC conducting investigation of Wisconsin Gas application for Otter Creek

By LeAnn R. Ralph

OTTER CREEK — The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is conducting an investigation to consider the application from Wisconsin Gas LLC to provide natural gas service in the Town of Otter Creek.

According to the notice from the PSC, no natural gas public utility is currently authorized to provide service to the Town of Otter Creek.

Representatives for WE Energies appeared before the Otter Creek Town Board several months ago to discuss installing natural gas service in the township.

The WE Energies representatives asked for exclusive rights to provide natural gas service to the entire township. The Otter Creek Town Board was reluctant to approve exclusive rights to the entire township and modified the resolution.

Wisconsin Natural Gas currently provides service to the Town of Hay River. The project in Otter Creek would extend the service 250 feet to the Jennie-O Turkey Store facility in Otter Creek.

According to documents filed with the PSC, the entire project will cost $11,400, with a customer contribution of $1,100.

The application notes that the project does not involve any floodplains or wetlands.

Documents associated with the Wisconsin Natural Gas proposal for Otter Creek are available on the PSC’s website at under the file number “6650-CG-230.”

Any person wishing to become a party for an intervention must file a request with the PSC to intervene no later than August 16.

The project is a Type III action and does not require an environmental assessment under the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act.

Construction on the natural gas line is expected to begin in February of 2013 or sooner, if possible, according to the documents filed with the PSC..