Boyceville school board accepts grant for purchase of a 3D printer for Science Olympiad

by Scott Wild

BOYCEVILLE – The Community Foundation of Dunn County is granting an amount of $6,128 for purchase of a 3D Printer for the Boyceville Science Olympiad. Sophomore, Cade Klefstad, gave an enthusiastic presentation about 3D Printers. “Coach Hamm did a lot of research and is very excited about the new printer,” said Klefstad. “The new printer can pause when it runs out of fill plate, has a WiFi camera, and is twice as large as the present one!” he declared excitedly to the board. The engineering class will use the new printer as well. 

At Monday night’s school board meeting, Klefstad also presented to the Board his “Mission Possible” device which took first place at State in the Science Olympiad.

[ememer_protected] It had 11 of 14 plastic parts made with the present 3D printer. The super geeky looking device of colorful wires and computer chips, started with a moving magnet through a series declared challenges to end with a speaker that says, “The End”. Klefstad said he created over 150 “Sketchup” program files, which turns the coding into 3-D printing. The Boyceville High School’s Science Olympiad team earned medals in 16 out of 23 events this past weekend, smashing the school record of 15 set in 2012, for a fourth-place overall finish.

In Spring Sports Schedule news, High School Principal Steve Glocke told the board that a lot of sports schedules are being cut down to 9 conference games, instead of home and away games, because of the weather. “This year we can’t get through 22 games unless you’re playing with a snowball!” he joked. The priority is getting the 2nd part of the season open as much as possible.

Bonnie Barker introduced to the board presentations by two students who attended the 9th Annual Youth Transition Conference at UW-Stout. Sessions included the Basics of Financial Independence, Interview Do’s and Don’ts, I’m Going to College … Now What? Student Justin Lombardo told the board that he learned three big things about life after high school and going to college. #1: “I learn to think twice about everything I do on the internet in social media,” said Lombardo. “Just because you think you deleted something, does not mean it can’t be found,” he said about what the police presentation taught him. #2: “I learned that twice test time or unlimited time are possible if you have qualifying documentation and tell your Professors”. #3: In the “Dress to Impress” sessions, he learned “not to wear clothing with logos or that might be torn”. Student Austin Hatfield told the board he was very impressed by the CVT session because he is interested in Engineering. He said he learned from the Professor at the Police Academy of Criminal Justice, that “underage drinking is a very poor decision that makes life much harder in the future” and to “think twice about what you post on social media or even if you participate.” Hatfield concluded, “The Officer showed us how easy it was to find out a ton about a person, through Facebook and social media very easily and very fast.” 

In other business in open session:

• The In-Service Day, Friday, April 20th will be about Crisis Training.

• The school district Retirement Banquet is set for Wednesday, May 2nd at Off Broadway in Menomonie to honor 11 school district employees who have retired in the past three years. All are welcome to attend.

• The PTA has a fundraiser that is collecting gently use and new shoes to raise money for student centered activities. They have 17 bags of shoes so far, and welcome donations of any size shoes.

• The 4th graders will be taking a field trip to Madison this week.

• There are some changes coming for testing, with multiple choice testing moving to more comprehension based, so only the K-5 recommendations are in. Board President Tim Sempf kiddingly called it, “The Story Problem – Problem.” All testing will be completed in May.

• The Treasurer’s Report of total expenditures totaling $243,718.19 was approved.

• Steve Glock, Middle/Senior High School Principal, said the 1st Annual Career Fair for students Grade 6 – 8 was a solid success with over 20 presenters. He acknowledged the hard work done by Cindy Bourget in organizing the event. 

• Pete Score and Erik Evenson have been officially sworn in as newly elected board members.

• The board approved the retirement request of Spring Schutts as a Paraprofessional.

• The board approved hiring Kacy Lane for Business Education. 

• The board approved an anonymous donation of 350 board feet of Aspen lumber and 300 board feet of assorted hardwoods valuing $1,537.50; and also a $420.00 Ann Marie Foundation grant to be used towards the 5th grade field trip to the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, MN. “This is an excellent opportunity for the students,” said Superintendent Kevin Sipple.

• Boyceville Community School District, Tiffany Creek Elementary School, was honored as one of 135 Title 1 Schools of Recognition named, to be honored May 21st at the State Capital. 

The board was adjourned and then moved to closed sessions for performance evaluations. [/ememer_protected]