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Off The Editor’s Desk – 3-21-2018

 Show the bad guys that you don’t have a gun!

Word has come my way that some Hollywood elite has suggested that to show you are against gun ownership, you put a red light on the front of your home to show that you are not armed.

In Amsterdam, the red light has a much different meaning than not being armed. But, then every home that has a red light out in front is just inviting a home invasion.

Remember the Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator who the Democrats kept from running for President. They weighed the convention with super delegates to keep the nomination in Mrs. Clinton’s hands. If you believe that there is a difference between Socialist and Democrat, good for you. I can’t find much difference. They both want to change our way of governing. Sanders points out how great some European Countries are with free everything. But you and I know there is no such thing as Free; someone has to pay for whatever you are consuming.

Then they point how countries like the United Kingdom and Australia are total paradise where no one gets hurt. But they forget to mention that radical Islamic extremists who slip through dressed as refugees attack public places with bombs and trucks, and in some cases even guns. Gun control laws, like in Chicago, don’t make guns disappear. 

A recent study by the American Enterprise Institute shows you everything about firearm ownership that you need to know. Despite the continued media attention to gun control and politicians falling all over each other to try to make everyone feel better and safer, the study showed that a rise in gun ownership has been consistent with a drop in violent crime.

History has shown us that we have a very hard time changing the way people lead their lives and how they act. I will list a couple of examples of government intervention gone astray. 

First, the government took away the hard drink. That was a total failure, and it created more crime and crime families. Just recently we got the Affordable Health Care act, which was broken before it took effect. Now, would you not think if the government wanted to keep us healthy, that the bill wound have a provision to train more health care professional? More doctors, nurses, nursing home aids and health workers. It did not! It called for the hiring of more Internal Revenue Agents. Their job was to track down people who did not buy the insurance and fine them. 

If you look at most Federal bills that require some sore of action by the public, they are all designed to put money into the federal treasury.

We have been at war against drugs in this country for years. We can’t get drugs off the street, how do you think we can get guns off the street?

Florida and other states are raising the age to purchase a gun to 21. I found a neat quote from a service man by the name of Will Kane. “When I was 18, I was carrying a M16 with 203 grenade launcher, playing with M60 and 50 caliber machine guns. Hell, I was allowed to drive a 27-ton Howitzer capable of shooting nuclear rounds, but I wouldn’t have been able to carry when I got home? Had expert medals from our government for shooting them, so why shouldn’t I have the freedom to defend my young family back home?”

I would urge everyone to read a piece in the March 2018 issue of the American Hunter penned by Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association. The heading states: “In Today’s Democratic Party, Democrat Equals Socialist.” His feeling is that the party has shifted so far to the left that it has become a socialist program hell bent on changing all the things that we hold dear. 

Thanks for reading! ~ Carlton