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Boyceville moves Village Offices to Community Center

Monday evening was the last time the Village Board will meet in the basement of the Village Hall on Main Street. The board voted last year to remodel part of the Community Center along Charlotte Street and move the village’s offices into the center.

On Monday night the board’s regular meeting was held as usual in the basement and then after about an hour, the board moved to the Community Center to view the updates and progress on the remodeling to allow space for the Village Offices.

After the board viewed the space that will become the Clerk/Treasurer’s office, they approved holding next month’s meeting in the new location. 

Before the board moved its meeting to the Community Center, they heard a report from Police Chief Greg Lamkin about remodeling the basement of the Village Hall for the police office and storage area, and a new location for the Municipal Court. They took no action on that matter. The local library will remain on the upper floor of the hall.

The board approved spending some $1,221 to make repairs and update the men’s washroom at the Community Center.

In other board business, they got an update from Erick Turner of the Dunn County Economic Development Corp. Turner noted that this was his sixth time that he has addressed the village board and he thanked them for the Village’s support of the Corporation.

Turner touched on several items of interest to developments in the county and noted that the broadband survey has been completed. He noted that the survey indicated that 20 percent of the county’s businesses stated that they would entertain moving out of the county because of poor broadband coverage.

Turner also gave a report on programs that are available for main street improvements. He also made reference to a program that would ask sixth grade children to have a career plan so they can obtain the skills needed for that plan.

Public Works Director Don Rose reported to the board that they have completed the updating of the pumps in all eight wastewater lift stations in the village. Later in the meeting the board approved the bill for the last pump update with an expenditure of $24,000.

Police Chief Lamkin’s report noted that the department had 78 calls for service last month, down about a dozen from last February. He reported that his department stood by at the school on February 16th after there was some report to be concerned about, but the chief said, “the threat amounted to nothing.”

The Chief also noted that officers Ryan Jordon and Aaron Kersten completed all state requirements to get law enforcement officers’ licenses.

Village President Gib Krueger gave a brief report on the amended provision of the parking regulations that the board approved. He noted that the fine for the first violation would stay the same as before at $10.00. But for the second offense, the fine will be $25.00 and the third offense within six months will cost the violator $50.00.

The board discussed the property owned by the village at 1038 Main Street and approved removing the fence on that property to allow for the new Safe Route To School construction, which should start soon. They also discussed the removal of the garage.

And, they approved an operator’s license to Brandon Hakanson.