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Off The Editor’s Desk – 2-28-2018

 I wish I had an answer!

I wish I had an answer or even a suggestion on how to stop the needless shootings in America, especially at the schools, but I don’t. I did find a couple of items of interest on the subject that I thought needed to be repeated.

In the February 18th issue of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette was this editorial piece: “For our friends on the left who might suggest that more guns on campus isn’t the answer, we’d ask why we see so many police – armed police – patrolling the stands at football games. If security is important on campus come Friday nights, why not on Tuesday mornings?”

A couple of posts that I liked stated: “We took God out of school.” And: “40 years ago every pickup truck in a high school parking lot had a rifle in the window and there were no school shootings. What changed?”

What changed is that we took any reference to guns out of our schools. A student is in trouble if they even have a gun in the trunk of their vehicle, if they make a sign of a gun with their finger, or even if the utter the word “Shoot” (like shoot, I missed that basket) they are going to be sitting in the office and maybe sent home for a few days.

We even went so far as placing a sign on the front door stating; “guns are banned”. A lot of good that small piece of paper will do to stop an armed person from entering the school. We even spend millions of dollars to lock the doors during school hours and reroute visitors into the office to be identified. I have no problem with the school officials knowing who is in the building, but anyone with a gun can blow the locks off the entrance doors and gain admittance to the building.

I might suggest a class for students on gun safety and respect.

That person, who would take a firearm and take someone’s life, must have some sort of mental problem. But what type of entertainment are we subject to by watching television and going to a movie. Most of the shows have violence on the screen, very bloody violence.

When I was a kid, the local movie ticket for the evening was a western, with what we called “Cowboys and Indians” – there may have been a lot of shooting. A couple of dozens shots out of a six-shooter, but never any holes in the bad guys or any blood on the screen. Now, most “cop shows” on television, open with a dead body in a pool of blood. What we watch, does that have the makings of a killer?

Thanks for reading! ~ Carlton