Off The Editor’s Desk – 2-21-2018

Should not family ties be stronger than political alliances?

During the Civil War political beliefs separated families, placing brother against brother and father against son.

Now we have political ties that have placed parents against their son, and this is right here in Wisconsin.

[emember_protected] I assume that everyone knows the name, Tammy Baldwin, who is our state’s senior U. S. Senator. She is a Democrat, and one of the two Republicans seeking to run against her in this year’s November General Election is a former soldier by the name of Kevin Nicholson.

Last week I watched a FOX News interview with Nicholson, who explained that he was a Democrat, but changed his beliefs and is now a conservative Republican. He explained that his life experiences, his service as a solider, and his religious beliefs have changed his heart and beliefs and he became a Republican.

Should not family ties be strong enough that parents should support their children?

But what brought his run for senate to national attention is that his parents, Michael and Donna Nicholson, were quoted: “…we chose not to have contact with him due to our political differences.”

His parents are diehard Democrats and have each donated $2,700 to Baldwin’s re-election campaign. In the interview Nicholson admitted that he is on the outs with his parents.

It’s hard for me to believe that political beliefs have driven a stake between parents and children. But over the years that I have watched the process, I have seen fists clenched and words shouted to battle over one’s support for their party.

The History Channel will be airing a special on our political system, and what I have been able to determine is that our parties are more interested in staying in power than serving the needs of our country.

How can we ever bring this country together, if we can’t disagree without being disagreeable?

Thanks for reading!     ~ Carlton [/emember_protected]