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Off The Editor’s Desk – 2-14-2018

Off The Editor’s Desk – 2-14-2018

Greetings from Florida

We are spending a couple of weeks in Florida on our winter vacation. Last week we were on the east coast of Florida and spent several days with Paula’s brother, Allen and Paulette Klatt at Titusville, Florida.


The trip from Glenwood City down was very ordinary, but traffic was very heavy with lots of trucks on the road. Our economy must be in great shape with the movement of merchandise for our shopping needs. I have to report on the price of gasoline for our car, the lowest was $2.33 up to $2.68 a gallon.

While at Titusville, we had the privilege of watching the “SpaceX’s three-core, 27 engine Falcon Heavy launch vehicle” send a car into space and see the two booster rockets return to a launch pad to be reused again. I will give more information about this item at a later date, when I can determine if the pictures I took will be good enough to print.

Following the launch, the Klatts entertained at their home several winter birds including Tom and Judy Knox of Glenwood City and Jerry and Ardis Coomer of Boyceville.

Saturday we left Titusville and traveled to Destin, Florida on the Gulf coast, where we will be for this week.

We have a fifth floor apartment overlooking the gulf, but as I write this early Monday morning, the rain that has blanketed this area since Saturday has let up and the visibility is somewhat improved as I look out to sea.

Sunday afternoon we drove through part of the community, with most of the streets in Destin water covered, some having several inches of standing water. We had decided to take in a movie. The theatre that we found only has twelve screens, which gave us a choice and I like choices! 

We decided to watch the movie “The 15:17 to Paris”. It is based on an actual event and starred three of the fellows that were involved in stopping a terrorist attack aboard a train. It’s worth seeing.

But, before the featured movie, we were subjected to a half an hour of advertising, including Coke commercials and previews of the coming attractions at that movie house. All the upcoming movies that they previewed were violent, shoot ’em up type of entertainment, and apparently those type of shows are the ones that draw in the people that buy the tickets.

Thanks for reading!     ~ Carlton