Off The Editor’s Desk – 1-31-2018

 Does it benefit us?

Governor Scott Walker delivered his State of the State speech last week in Madison. I had in the past watched the event on television, but I did not this year. I watched the recap on the nine o’clock newscast on one of the Eau Claire television stations. I read his speech off the governor’s web site.

[emember_protected] Walker has accomplished many things during the past eight years he has been in office. I just need to look at my state income tax payment last year and noticed a big reduction. He has also removed the state from collecting tax on your property tax bill.

Governor Walker indicated, “We will invest more actual dollars into K-12 education than ever before, an extra $200 for every student in every school in every part of the state this year and another $204 increase for every student on top of that next year.”

Walker noted that employment is at historic highs and unemployment is at historic lows. But, then, Walker has the privilege of serving as Governor during the third longest national economic expansion in U. S. history.

But the Governor is not standing still. He is on the hunt for more jobs in the state and last July signed a bill that offered a foreign company almost three billion dollars worth of incentives to build and create jobs in Wisconsin.

FoxConn Technology Group is a multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Taiwan. Walker is looking at some 13,000 workers at the proposed Wisconsin facility.

As I watched the coverage of Walker address on TV, the coverage turned to the loyal opposition and an interview with State Senator Kathleen Vinehout (Dem) of Alma. She noted that some farmers were in her office and questioned what would FoxConn do for them?

How many times have I heard or felt that was the reason that people turned out to oppose the creation of a new business or the expansion of an existing one in our state. I can look back and think of several times at meeting of local boards where opposition came forward just because people could see no benefit for themselves in the project.

I am happy when I can see more employment in the state for citizens of our state including those that may be moving into Wisconsin to fill those openings.

We live in a small rural community and watch as our kids graduate from school and go onto higher education and never return home because there are no jobs for them. More state jobs will help keep our children nearby. 

Thanks for reading! ~ Carlton [/emember_protected]