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Off The Editor’s Desk – 1-24-2018


Remember eight years ago, or I mean more than nine years ago when Obama was running for President and all his supporters were carrying around signs that read “CHANGE.”

I have to ask myself, what changed for me. Besides getting older, during those years? I know I had a small raise in my social security a couple of times, but that raise was consumed by an equal amount being assessed to me by Medicare.

Prices have kept going up; of course they have been going up since I was born, so I can’t blame Obama for that. I bought a new Chevy Suburban in 1976, which listed for $7,200 and now they are ten times that much.

I know some people will praise Obamacare as a good change, I will not, because it did not make our health care affordable, while some lost coverage because of it. It is like all the other bills passed by Congress, they are designed to enhance the government’s bank account. The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare is a tax bill.

Did the rest of you have a positive change in those eight years?

I know my business income fell during Obama’s eight years. This past year that income, improved very slightly, but it was up. How was yours?

What I read over this past weekend was a big change for Obama when I heard that he has amassed a net worth of forty million dollars. How can a man who never held a job, except as a community organizer, come out of eight years of public service as president and a term in the senate, with that amount of money? I think that must have been an error by the program that I was watching.

But, then the Clintons claimed they were broke when they left the White House, but were able to buy a multi-million dollar home in New York State and now they have millions in wealth. Of course he got a half million for a speech in Russia. Good for him! What did Hillary give the Russians to receive a large donation to their foundation?

No wonder people want to stay in office. It seems that is where the money is. I now know why the Democrats will not work with the Republicans or vise versa, it’s because the other party will not get the credit for getting something done and not get re-elected. So if you think the two parties will work together for the betterment of the American people, think again!

Here is my answer to that, and it is called term limits. Two terms for senators, just like the president and no more than ten years for representatives to Congress. Give everyone a chance to get their hands into the public coffers.

We know that many people that we look up to in our society have no pride in our country, like those football players who disrespect our flag and the actors who use bad language when talking about our president. Those are the ones that are drinking from a golden cup and complaining that they only have 12-year-old Scotch. 

Thanks for reading!   ~ Carlton