Off The Editor’s Desk- 12-27-2017

I hope that everyone had a great and blessed Christmas and it is my wish that the joy of the season will continue throughout the next year.

Last Tuesday afternoon I was in Colfax and left our office on east Railroad Avenue and drove to the stop sign at Colfax’s Main Street. I had to wait to turn onto Main Street, as there were a number of cars traveling in both directions on Main Street. Also at the intersection were three people attempting to cross Main Street from the east to the west side. Those people were in the crosswalk and a number of cars drove right pass them as they waited. Finally, a dark red Ford pickup stopped and allowed them to cross. 

That driver gets a big thumb up from me for allowing those pedestrians to cross the highway and for the rest, shame on you for not stopping.

I think it’s the law that pedestrians have the right of way in crossing the highway in crosswalks. So let them proceed, even if they are not in the crosswalks, let them cross because we do not need someone getting hurt.

In another matter that comes to mind was the plight of members of our society called Millennials, those who were born after 1980. I was listening to a talk radio program out of Madison and Millennials were brought up and it was pointed out that over one-third of them thinking that they are owed an existence by the government.

I went to the National Review, and found this item titled “Millennials Must Learn to Take Control of their Own Lives” penned by Christopher Rufo, a film director who is the Executive Director of the Documentary Foundation, he writes:

“In an interesting piece, Micheal Hobbes argues that Millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the great depression. The piece correctly identifies five major problems in our economy.

“Baby Boomers have created a fiscal disaster without comparison in American history. They erected a massive entitlement system with no long-term ability to pay for it.

“The cost of every prerequisite of a secure existence, education, housing, health care, has inflated into the stratosphere.

“Zoning laws that have artificially restricted the supply of housing, driving up the cost to the first time home buyer.

“Occupational licensing has created a medieval-style guild system that prevents many high school educated workers from joining higher wage trades.

“Portable benefits would be much better than our employee based system, where your health and disability insurance are tied to your job.”

What is the cause of our problem? Rufo states its “bad public policy.” And, just to let everyone know, we are spending over a trillion dollars a year on entitlement programs.

So what is the answer? Pick up your shovel, get off your……behind, this is no longer the promise land. We’re twenty trillion in debt and that amount keeps getting bigger. We all must do our part.

Thanks for reading!   ~ Carlton