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My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Kiekhafer’s 3rd Grade Class

My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Kiekhafer’s 3rd Grade Class

My Favorite Christmas

by Madison R. Needham, age 8

My Favorite Christmas was 2016 because I got the robocat I wanted. I also got the Barbie popup camper I really wanted. I got some freacky zombie dolls wich now have missing legs, But my favorite part of chistmas is the day before chistmas. My favorite part is setting up the christmas tree. I’d say thank you Santa for all that you do.


My Favorite Christmas

by Anna Scharlau, age 8

Last year my in the middle of the night my brother woke up and he made me come up to the tree. My favorite part was that Santa raped my present’s in a banket. My mom, dad, sisters, and brothers were there. It was at my house and grandma’s to. We woke up my mom, dad and brather and sister and we unrap my present’s and I got a artstof and emoji pillow. We got ready to go to grandma’s house. When we got there we ate. Allare cousins were there. We all went to the basement and open presents. I got a siminari and pieface. We made wepcream. We played pieface with the wepcream and my cousins played to. We struggled to find how to work Siminari. Have a marry Christmas.


My Favorite christmas

by Sadie Pitts, 9 years old

It was me, my sister, my Dad and my cousins. It was at my huose and it was last year. We played cards and gote a lote of presist. We made cookes too – yumm. We Played Christmas game.


My Christmas

by Lyla, age 8

Last year ten days intell Christmas I was helping my grandma rap presents and she pulled out a worm, soft blacket and rite away I aked “Who is that for” slowly. My grandma siad it was for My sister. I was deprest. So we just cept on raping presents. It was finly Christmas my sister was going to oppen the present and my grandma said that it was mine. I wrote about this story because it was funny. I hope you like my story.


My favorite Christmas

by Casey Bauer, age 8

Last year. Me my sister got up and we wath TV until morning. Then we opened presents. We had a lot of presents. Then we eat. Then I milked cows. It was a great Christmas.


My Favorite Christmas Memory

by Mackenzie MacCutched

It was me and my brother and my mom. We made cookes in my house in the kichin. It was last year twoday before Christmas. We made cookes. Me and my brother put lots of sprinkles on them and they did not tast good.


My favorite christmas

by Jeffery Jennings, age 8

My,family did a celebration. And it was at my house. And it was in Last chRiStMaS. I was os happey that in the midle of the night I go down the stairs and look at all the presints. And in the morning we get to open are and my familey langies out with echoter.


My favoret Christmas

By Sam Ralph, age 9

One December day in 2014 me, my brother, sister, and cousins were in the church where we ushuly selebrate Christmas. When we were done eating us boys went to the stiars to go to the secont floor. When we got up the stiars we got a shoking sarprise. Right there was a elevator in astn ashed wall. We walked down the hall and I toced a wall and it animaticly opened! That is why that is my faveret Christmas.


My favorite chistmas Memory

by Austin Coates, age 9

last year I had chistmas at my gramas home. When I got to my gramas I took to my evereyone and then I open presents then we eat and then we go home. Hows their gramas, grampas me my dog mom, dad, sister, cousins, ants, unkull. I open presents then we eat and then we go hame. This is my favarite chistmas.


My Favorite Christmas

by Lincoln Spalding, age 9

My favorite christmas was in 2017. It was wen I went to Texis. I had to fly ther. Wen I was flying I got to sit in the 1st class seets. They were realy nice. We got free meals and drinks. They were realy realaxing. After we got off the plane we went to my cusons house. My mom, sister, ant went to the nut cracker and the boys just hung areound the house we stayed in. Wene we got home we unraped the presunts from Santa. So I guess I had a pritty good christmas, right?


My Favorite X-mas

by Sophia Hazuga, age 9

It was early in the morning and my sisters woke up and checked the stocking and saw it Dec. 25th. They went up stairs and woke me up, so we went to wake up our parents. After we zoomed down to up presents. I got a bunch of presents so did my sisters and my parents. It was my favorite x-mas because I got to spend time with my family last year. I think they liked x-mas to. I hope you have a great x-mas.


My favorite Christmas memory

by: Rachel Rose, age 9

My memory of Christmas was when I got a beanie boo zebra. I also got a cute raccoon. I got more things too. Santa Claus brought me all these gifts. My sister Chelsea got a big lego set, and my brother Alex got a book he wanted. I also have a elf on the shelf.I also got presents from grandparents, aunts, and uncles.This Christmas I hope for some beanie boos, a lego set, Shopkins, some hatchanimals, and little live pets.I hope you have a good Christmas.


Nintendoa christmas,

by Jaylen Peterson, age 8

I had christmas at my house and my grand pas. Last year at my house I got a D.S. form my mom and dad. Also I got a tablet. The elf said I’m watching you. For lunch we went to my grampa’s After I had lunck I went snowboard and sleding.

My favorite christmas memory. I got a robot alarm clock from my grand ma.It’s speciley because my grand ma gave me it. I also got two sweyshirts for christams.


My favorite christmas ever

by: Bradon

There was my brother, carson, dad and my mom, I had my Christmas at my home and this was last year. So I woke up so did my brother We went too the chismas tree and look at the presents in the morning then my dad wakes up and said you got more presents than you thought. And I like opening presents a lot I mean a lot. I like having fun whith my family on chismas so much.


My Favorite Christmas Memory

by Sophia Gonzalez, age 9

I woke up and I was ready for Christmas because I saw presents everywhere under my tree. I woke up my parents and the first present I opened was my Ipod. My Ipod was my favorite present after I opened all my presents I got my snow stuff on and went outside. The snow was so white and I loved it then I went sledding and it was so much fun. I made a snowman and that was fun too. The most fun I had was opening all my presents with my family. I had fun on this Christmas!


My favorite Christmas

By: Gracie Winings, age 9

The event I chose was when I was six my mom took a picture of Otto in the back infrount of are Christmas tree then Abram then me. Then we would open are Christmas pagamas. The next morning I was so happy. I would always get up early and look at the presents. Three years ago I got a mini vet kit, art kit and a lot more! I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!


Memory Chistmas

By: Trey Larson, age 9

My favorite Chistmas was in 2015. Me, Mom, Dad, and my sister got to see it. It was at my house. It was my favorite because, I got my first Bean Boozled, and I did the challenge. I really didn’t even chew it.This year I want a real litsaber. The color I want is green, blue, and purple. If I get it I will bring it every wear and drase like a jedi. The places I’ll bring it is hotels,my cousins house, grandmas house, Costa Rica, and many more.


My best Christmas

by Layla Kolre, 9 year old

My best christmas was last year Me, mom, dad, roxanne, georgia, madison wock up and open presents at my house. it was my faverit because I got leagos, princess tent, packer blancket, candy, nailart, braclit macker. that was my faverit christmas.


My Favorite Christmas Memory

by Bree Mikesell, age 8

I was whith my sisters, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and cousins. I had it at my house and at my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. My favorite Christmas memory was last Christmas. For Christmas I got a prettend puppy, and water babys, and a baby Alive doll.

This is my favorite Christmas because I got a hole bunch of toys.