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My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Hovde’s 3rd Grade Class

My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Hovde’s 3rd Grade Class

My Favorite Cristmas

My favorite cristmas was last year. I was at my house by tanter lake with my borother my mom and my dad. I went to my stoking and it was full of toys and penut butter cups. I opened the presnts insied my stoking and some of them were barbies.In the evning we all opened the presnts under the tree.My faveorit presnt was a bungy chair.

By Avah Elmer


My Christmas, My Mom, dad and My Brather and me. We oping presints In the morning at home when we are don we go to my granma and grapa and one of my present is a candycane and when we are don we go to me other granma and grampa’s house. Same of the presents is a pig chare frome my gramas and grapas. I got a tadlet frome by mam and DaD. My ather grama’s and grapa I got a stor set frome them. We go I were me PJ’s when we oping present’s at home. I get candy from My Mom, dad, and My granma and grampa and my other granma and grampa.

this is my Christmas.

By Ellyssa Coates


My Christmas. You can get lots of presents. You get candy in your stoking. On Christmas you can get bows and a target with arows. I went to my gramda house. And I went to my Dads. Christmas is fun. Merry Chiristmas.

By Hunter Deilke


I just love christmas because opning presints is fun. My mom and I we wher at home opning presints in the morning. And then, one was a endloder and a remot cntrol trock. The reasin I love Christmas because I get candy. I like to wear my PJ’s to opin my presints.

By Brenner Larson


My favit christmas was last year I was at Ervan Park when I got back home Sant clus all retd gave the presints and we oped the presints erle.

By Jamemathu Wahl


My Favorite Christmas

Last year, Christmas 2016, was my favorite Christmas. My grandmother, grandfather, my aunts and uncles, my mom and dad, Landon and Henry and I had Christmas together at grandmother’s house.

We opened presents. I got a video camera. We ate pie. We ate mashed potatoes. Last year was my favorite Christmas because I got to spend time with my family. I also liked it because there were lights and fun stuff to do.

By Kendall Wilson


I Got A Wii U

My favret crismas was 2016. The pepople that were ther were Me, MoMom, Dad, and My brothres. I was at my house. The year was 2016. I was waking up. Running down the steyirs andopening presents.My brothres where wating with a bigpresint for us we  toird it opun it was a wii u. This is my favorite christmas becuos we got a wii u. I was so happy. The End.

By Brock Wang


My christmas I think christmas is fun. My mom was there my dad too and my sister and my brother. I was at my house. I had my favorite christmas last year. We made cookies and milk for Santa and we put up are christmas tree too. I always want to make cookies for Santa. It was really fun for us. Last year I got a poppybox. I went to my grandma’s house. I had the best christmas ever.

By OliviaAnn Schindler


The Best Christmas.

My fovorite Christmas was 2015-2016.

My Dad was thar and my two sisters was thar and my. It was at home. The toys I got a bebe gun and a toy picup tuck and I got candy mmm. Why it was Best Christmas I got a bebegun.

By Zachary Leirmo


I Love Christmas. My favorite Christmas was last year. Last Christmas my mom, dad and my sisters went sledding and had a great time at our house. At my house we had a big meal and baked cookies and frosted them. Then my sister and I had cocoa and after we do that we open presents and I get to see every one!

By: Peyton Anderson



My favorite X-mas was 2014. My whole familly who are, dad, Jaci, Jacson, Pierce, Maci, Meadow, Me and Ben. A day befor Christmas we all went to a place called, Christie Mountain. I had lots of fun going down all eight of us were going down a massive mountain. We were luckly all tied together in 8 tubes because later we went up another hill, and we all flew about 20 feet high. Going down that giganitic massive mountain and going in the air at least 20 feet high was my favoret part.

By: Rayna Keltner


My Favorite Chrismas was fun. My brother mom dad and me were in my favorite Chrismas. We were at my house at my favorite chrismas. We opened presents. I liked this Chrismas because I liked being with my family. I liked presents that I got. I got lots of presents. I got a iPod for Chrismas. I got a Packer logo for Chrismas. I got a Packer jersey. I had a great time at my Chrismas.

By: Conner Arntson


The Best Christmas

My favorite Christmas was when I was 7 years old. The people who were there were Me my Mom my brother, my Dad, my aunt and uncle my grandma and grandpa. We had it on December, 20, 2015. The events were first, we spent time with each other. Next we went sledding down a giant hill. Finnaly, we had milk and cookies.

These are some reasons for being the best Christmas. Spending time with my family. Having fun with my family. Getting cool toys. Some toys I got were a army airplane, a wii game, also a stuffed animal.

By: Grant Cook


My Favorite Christmas was 3 years ago. I went sldding down a gint hill. I made a big snowfrot. I made a big snowman it was big. I got the best presints ever. I got a Nerf football and a dron hellacopt. I made a snowchar. I made a snowhouse. It was my fravit Christmas because I got toys.

By Dominic Peterson


My Christmas. My christmas was 1 year a gowe. My mom and dad Joe, Yvonne, Macey Lakota and me. I had my Christmas at my houme. I played with my toys with my family. I like my Christmas because you can get toys and tablets. You can get close and candy. You can have fun to. you can eat your candy to.

Happy Christmas.

By: Destiny May Walters


A Snowday

Last year was my favorite because I went sleding on a big hill in the field in the gator up to the top and sleded down, we go vary fast, and we walk up my dad or mom pushes us down the hill. It is fun you should try. Sometimes we race when we go down sometimes I won. Sometimes Kenlee won. I wish we had gold medals but, we don’t. I love sledding I’m glad we do it every year. Last year was my favorite snowday.

By: Aydin Bjork


The Best Christmas

My favorite Christmas happened two years ago. I got to spend it with my whole family.That’s my favorite part of Christmas.When I had my favorite Christmas.When I had my favorite Christmas it was at my house.I had my Christmas in the evening, when I usually have it. When we had that Christmas we played games, ate dinner, open presents, go sledding, and we made snowmen.

These are the reasons this year was my favorite Christmas. My first reason is because I get to spend time with my family. Next, is because on my favorite Christmas I got my favorite toy, it was a bead maker. Finally, my last reason is because I got to eat the best dinner. “I just had the best Christmas ever!”

By: Adelyn Acker


The Best Christmus was when I was five. The people who were there were me, my brothers, mom, and dad. We were at my grandmas house. On December 24, 2015. We played lots of games. We went sleding on a huge hill. We ate lots of food. We went downstairs till Santa wus gone. We opened are presents. I got a pillow, dvd of the minions.

These are the reasons this Christmas is my favorite. We played lots of games and we hud lots of fun.

By: Austyn Pederson



One year ago was my favorite christmas. First, my Mom, dad, Megan, Morgan, me and my nieghors went to Irvine Park. It was beatiful! We all went on a hay ride and rode threw the park. It was cold. Next, I went to Christie Mountain with my friend. We were lights so we went very fast. It was fun going up the ramp like thing. After, we were done tubbing we had hot chocolate. (I got some of the hot chocolate on me.) That is about my favorite christmas.

By: Macy Schleusner


Christmas is the best holiday. First, I was with my grandma, grandpa, mom, brother, me, aunt, and stepdad. Next, my Christmas was at my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. Then, my favorite Christmas was 2016. The 26th day of December. Next, I got to watch the Grinch. Then, we got to open one present on the 25th. Finally, I loved this Christmas with my family. Last, I got a Ashton drake baby doll, little Peanut. This is my Christmas activities.

By: Jaylin Hansen


The Best Christmas was one year ago. First, me my brother, and my cousins went sledding down a big hill. Next, we were on a big hill by a cabin in the snow. Then, the next day we did more fun things. First, we went sledding down a huge hill. Next, we ate cookies in the cabin. Finally we played upstairs. We played bubble gum. It was my favorite because I got to see my cousins. I also got to see my friends there. This was the best Christmas.

By Aleah Schindler