Off The Editor’s Desk – 11-29-2017

“I have never met a person who didn’t have a problem of some kind. This is why we need one another’s encouragement” –Billy Graham.

Last week Paula and I attended the Community Thanksgiving Worship celebration in Glenwood City. As I sat in the little church on Main Street and watched the preparation and saw that the Lutheran Pastor, Catholic Priest, and the Methodist Minister enter together into the church my thoughts went back to when I was young. 

[emember_protected] Most of my friends back in those days were either Catholic or Lutheran with just a few Methodist in the group. I don’t remember if there were any other religious groups in our community sixty years ago. There were, however, several different Lutheran Churches in our small community. As with most small towns in this area there were only Christian Churches in the community.

Even though we were close, we never tried to question the faith of our friends. I would never have been invited into any of their churches for services, but of course I never invited them to my church either.

And, how times have changed, and for the better. All three congregations coming together, to worship the same God and give thanks during this season. Our small church was not filled to capacity; so there was room for you, think about it next year, or every Sunday you can find room in the church of your choice. 

Over the years I have attended church services, weddings and funerals in various Christian Churches and have always felt welcome and been greeted by members. However, I have never attended services at a Jewish synagogue or Buddhism, Islam or New Age. But if I were to, I would hope to feel just as welcome as I did in the Christian fellowship.

I wonder if in the future, all people, not only Christians can come to the same room at least once a year to give thanks, maybe the world would be a better place to live.

Thanks for reading!  ~ Carlton [/emember_protected]