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Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-4-2017

Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-4-2017

Did I open a can of worms?

Last week I stated that I had never heard any Dunn County residents objecting to the County supporting the Health Care facility with taxpayers’ money. 

Well, two Dunn County residents addressed the matter to me this past week and both were opposed to the County supporting the facility with taxpayers’ money. In fact both were opposed to the County being in the Health Care business.

Many years ago, most state counties ran what was called the county farm. Here residents that were able, could go to the barn or farm field and help out with the daily chores of operating a farm. It gave those people a sense of accomplishment and pride working with the cattle and fieldwork.

I can only make an assumption as to how this all changed in the last century, and the county lost a very great facility of that operating farm that supported itself and was a pride to those people that lived there and to most other members of the county.

The question now is, can local non-profit nursing homes do a better or at least as good of a job in caring for our senior citizens as the county can, and do it with less funds?

I know there is wide support for the counties to be in the health care business and apparently there are also those who question the use of taxpayer’s money to support those county operations. I do not have an answer.

In another matter: last month in his column, Jeff Redmon, publisher of the St. Croix Central News in Hammond wrote about schoolteachers, administrators and the great job that they do with our education. If we all look back over the years that you were a student and what influence those teachers and staff had on your education and development, I know you would note how appreciative you are of their work. I still remember those that went well beyond what was required of them during my years at the public schools and the same effort was shown when my kids were students.

Redmon wrote, “Did you ever notice that the letters that spell LISTEN are the same letter that spell SILENT? You must be silent to listen. I’m still working on this skill,” he wrote.

Are we too quick to criticize and too slow to praise? I need to put forth a big thank you to all those who have made it a life long chore to teach our children, and go that extra mile to do so.  Over the many years that I have attended school board meetings, I have heard reports from administrators, staff members and students and have been amazed at how much enthusiasm they exhibit in their report. I also must heap a big thank you to those who serve on school boards. I hate to think what are schools would be like without your involvement. 

During my recent involvement with the Minnesota Newspaper Museum at the Minnesota State Fair, which is operated by volunteers, I worked with a volunteer who is a teacher at a Charter School in St. Paul. She related that most of her students are Hmong and that at the parent-teacher conference, the most asked question by parents of those Hmong students is, “Are our children respectful?”

Thanks for reading!     ~ Carlton