Off The Editor’s Desk – 9-20-2017

 Is Congress doing anything?

I wonder what is happening in Congress, especially the Senate. They have yet to act on tax reform, they missed repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or at lease trying to make it better and nobody, except President Trump is concerned about the national debt.

[emember_protected] That debt has now passed the twenty trillion dollar mark. Just in case you need to know what that figure looks like, this is it: $20,000,000,000,000.

Recently we here in Wisconsin have been flooded with radio commercials from the Senator Tammy Baldwin campaign trying to convince us of all the good things she has done. A small article in the newspaper from last Thursday telling of North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp who is seeking a second term with the slogan “the Independent-minded politician who gets things done in Washington.”

Even President Trump is approving commercials that tell of all the good things that have been accomplished since he took office eight months ago. If his party was behind him, a lot more would have gotten accomplished.

I would like to quote part of a column written by Ben Shapiro last week about the Democratic drive to make us a socialist country.

“New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker has finally come out in favor of Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders’ magical, mythical ‘Medicare-For-All’ plan.

“The Democratic Party is signing checks the country can’t cash. 

“Sanders’ Medicare-For-All scheme would add some $13.8 trillion in new spending over the first decade alone. Medicare already carries $58 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which caused the state of California to reject a single-payer health care for being too expensive, and California currently has a Democratic supermajority in the state assembly.

“Yes, Democrats continue to push further and further to the left, fearful of being outflanked. Booker isn’t alone in his newfound embrace of socialized medicine. California’s Senator Kamala Harris has also endorsed Sanders’ ridiculous plan. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will be co-sponsoring Sanders’ plan, as will Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon.

“Why? Because Democrats are deeply frightened of being outflanked by socialists. There’s no benefit to moving to the center when your base sees no purpose in fiscal responsibility. So instead, Democrats race one another to the Soviet Union.

“Meanwhile, Republicans cower in fear. Afraid of making the case for freedom, they compete with Democrats to see who can administer the giant state more efficiently, as though efficiency were the key problem with statism. Thus, Republicans ran headlong from the possibility of repealing Obamacare, while Democrats afraid that the American people would backlash against them for taking away some form of entitlement.” 

Our Senator Tammy Baldwin has not come out on the single payer system, but she is an outspoken advocate of the single payer government run health care system since her days as a state legislator.

Baldwin was one of 22 members of Congress to vote against a 2006 resolution honoring victims of the September 11th attack on the fifth anniversary of those attacks.

Thanks for reading! ~ Carlton [/emember_protected]