Boyceville buys new ambulance for $217,000

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville Community Ambulance District Board has approved purchasing a new ambulance for $216,875.

The new ambulance will have a “power load” feature that is expected to make it safer and more efficient for Emergency Medical Technicians to load patients into the ambulance, said Matt Feeney, director of the ambulance service, at the board’s regular monthly meeting April 12.

[emember_protected] The cost of $216,875 is before the trade-in is applied and without the power load added in, he said.

The ambulance service has a $30,000 down payment in the account already for the new ambulance, and the trade-in value of Medic 10 will be $8,500, Feeney said.

Purchasing the ambulance was approved with seven-year financing at 3.27 percent interest.

The first payment will be due in one year after signing the contract, which will give the ambulance board time to include the purchase in the 2018 budget, Feeney said.

Payments will be about $30,000 per year, he noted.

Peter Score, representative for the Town of Sheridan, wondered whether the ambulance district could actually afford the payment.

The payment will be in the budget, but the Boyceville ambulance service also is expecting $20,000 more per year in income from changing collection services, Feeney said.

Earlier in the meeting, the Boyceville Community Ambulance District Board had approved canceling the contract with the Lifequest billing company, which charged 14 percent, 18 percent and 33 percent of the amount collected at various stages in the collection process, to Andres Medical Billing, Ltd., which charges 5 percent across the board, no matter what the stage of the collection.

When the ambulance service was working on constructing the new building several years ago, the financing for the building put the ambulance service off the ambulance replacement cycle, noted Rich Monn, representative for the Town of Stanton.

Monn also is chair of the ambulance district’s five-year planning committee.

After the ten-year cycle for the new ambulance, the plan is to remount the box on a new chassis, Feeney said.

Remounting the box is estimated to save 40 percent of the cost of a new ambulance, and the ambulance will be built with the long-term plan in mind of reusing the box, he said.

One of the Boyceville EMTs attending the meeting noted that the ambulance service, over the past four years, has been awarded $139,200 in grant money.

According to Feeney’s report to the ambulance district board, as of April 12, the ambulance service had $175,562.64 in remaining funds on hand.

The Boyceville Community Ambulance District Board unanimously approved canceling the contract with Lifequest and switching to Andres Medical Billing.

The ambulance district board also unanimously approved purchasing the new ambulance with a power load feature.

No information was given concerning the cost of adding the power load to the ambulance.

The next meeting of the ambulance district board will be May 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Boyceville Village Hall. [/emember_protected]