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Out of the Past – 3-22-2017

Out of the Past – 3-22-2017

10 years ago
March 21, 2007

Ice-choked waters of the Red Cedar River overflowed their banks and pushed up against the bridge at 22 Mile Ford County Park north of Colfax March 15.

A five-year extension of the date to start re-paying its loan from the Village of Colfax has been proposed by WestCAP of Glenwood City, owner and operator of Colfax Prairie Homes. 

Fans of the Colfax High School baseball team can reserve seats on a bus to the Humbert H. Humphrey Metrodome April 21 to see the Vikings play Park Falls. 

25 years ago
March 19, 1992

Colfax United Methodist Church has opened the Caring Ministries Food Pantry to provide food to anyone in need.

During an assembly March 13, more than $5,000 was presented by representatives of early childhood and Colfax Elementary classes to the Colfax Rescue Squad to buy defibrillators.

Ryan Wolfe won the 1991-92 Colfax Elementary and Middle School Spelling Bee March 10. He also won in 1989-90 and 1990-91. He is the son of Cletus and Geri Wolfe of Colfax. 

35 years ago
March 25, 1982

Construction on Colfax’s new wastewater treatment system is still on hold.

Those who are among the approximately 400 delinquent Dunn County taxpayers may find their name and the amount of property taxes owed published if the delinquent taxes are not paid soon. Almost $50,000 in delinquent property taxes are still owed.

Colfax Elementary will stage a wrestling tournament at 3:30 p.m. March 25 in the new gym for third through sixth graders. 

50 years ago
March 23, 1967

Business places in Colfax will close at 12 noon and remain closed until 3 p.m. in observance of Good Friday.

F.S. Farmers’ Store Bread — 4 loaves for 99 cents; 3 pounds of Delicious apples for 49 cents.

Easter Sunday dinner special at the Coffee Cup Cafe — roast turkey and lutefisk.

65 years ago
March 27, 1952

The Junior Class presented their T.V. Variety House on Thursday, March 20, at the Colfax Auditorium. Profits from the show of $125 will be used to pay for the orchestra at the Junior Prom this spring.

The Colfax Woman’s Club annual Library Tea on Monday, March 24, brought in $30.85. Mrs. Martin Anderson and Mrs. O.M Felland were hostesses. The Colfax Woman’s Club gave a gift to the library of a bust called “Meditation.” The names of all Club members of this year are to be inscribed on the book which “Meditation” is holding. [Meditation was recently re-discovered and put back on display at the Colfax Public Library.]

A deal was closed last week in which Alvin Raawe of Cameron became the owner of the Colfax Hotel building, purchasing the property from L.A. Pooler. Mr. Raawe will take over operation of the Farmers Beer Bar on April 15, while operations of the Hotel Cafe will continue in the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Christianson.

100 years ago
March 23, 1917

Three days without a passenger train east-bound in Colfax because of the most severe blizzard in the history of the state. The local section crews were called out at 2 a.m. Friday to assist in clearing the tracks for the snowbound trains at Cylon and New Richmond. 

Norton Notes: We have not had school here for some time on account of the deep snow. This is the most snow we have had in many years, it being about four feet deep on the level.

Colfax Store Co. has specially priced men’s canvas gloves — 9 cents per pair or three pair for 25 cents; boys’ combination rain coat and hat for $3; men’s slip-ons and raincoats, the most substantial coats on the market for automobile men, railroad men, drivers and farmers ranging from $2.50 to $12.