Off The Editor’s Desk – 3-21-2017

Congress can’t put together a health bill package that makes everyone happy!

“Repeal and Replace” was the campaign call about the Affordable Health Care Act, commonly called “Obama Care.” We all now know that it is a big failure and I now believe that Congress cannot put a bill together that will make everyone happy.

One of the many failings of Obama Care was that young people were not buying into the program. Young people see themselves as indestructible and they are going to live healthy lives until they are one hundred. It is not until they have a serious illness, accident, or have family that they can see the need for health insurance.

Without the premiums from those young people that were planned to make the care act affordable, the program collapsed. But then there were those that lost their doctors and coverage and those who saw big increases in health insurance costs.

Does anyone remember who Mary Hoeft of Rice Lake is? She was a congressional candidate last November, for the seventh district seat held by Sean Duffy. I received a letter from her the other day and she had nothing good to say about any plan that was before Congress about health care. She states that some 11 million American are about to lose their healthcare. One of the problems with Obama Care is that as a nation, we could not afford it. But Mary wants the government to keep spending on a failing program.

As you get older, the cost of insurance gets higher, and it has been that way long before the government got involved in our health care. I can remember, that every five years, the premium on our family health policy increased. Every five years that I got older, the premiums went up and that is because, as you get older, you need more medial care.

Another drain on the government’s budget is taking care of us seniors. According to a report from Robert Romano who is the senior editor of Americans for Limited Government that in 2012, 4.4 million seniors were enrolled in the Medicaid program, primarily for long term nursing home or home and community care.

Almost twice that number were on some form of long-term care, 8.3 million, according to the Center for Disease Control, about 20 percent of the 41.9 million aged 65 and over that year. And, the cost to the Medicaid program was $85.5 billion.

Taking care of those seniors was 3.8 million senior care workers, including home care. By 2027 there will be about 67.5 million seniors, according to the Census Bureau projections. If they keep using long-term care at the some rate as 2012, then the number of patients will increase to 13.4 million, with about 7 million using Medicaid. By 2037, there will be 80 million seniors, with 16 million on long-term care, and about 8 million using Medicaid.

So, in ten years, the nation will need about 6.1 million senior long-term care workers. To keep up with demand, then, our nation’s universities will need to churn out an additional 2.3 million from what we have today. And in 20 years, 7.3 million senior care workers will be needed, 3.5 million more than we have today.

My advice to all you baby boomers, is to look into long-term health care insurance. Its costly, but it may keep you off government assistance, especially if the government goes broke.

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton

Health Bill update!

Early Monday morning, I received this update on the health care reform bill:

The update states—“Unnamed sources in a Politico story state that ongoing White House negotiations with conservative legislators on the health care bill are coming to a close with only a few minor concessions. The reporter concludes that the White House realizes that the bill cannot pass the Senate if conservative concerns are meet. Ironically, at this juncture, the Ryan bill does not have the support of at least four GOP Senators and possibly more, due to concerns that it fails to meet the basic promise of repealing Obamacare. This means that in the unlikely event that the House were to gather the votes to pass Speaker Ryan’s slightly modified bill, it would fail in the Senate without Democrat votes.”