Off The Editor’s Desk – 3-15-2017


I hate the word “hate”. Hate should have no room in our language or in our heart. Hate only breeds controversy, injury and destruction.

Hate has raised its ugly head since Donald Trump was elected president. He is our president, like it or not. We have seen many demonstrations, some violent, since last November after Trump won.

Most recently, at the State Capitol in St. Paul a pro-Trump demonstration was the beneficiary of some of this hate from left wing Democrats. I say Democrats because one of the leaders of this hate group was the son of Tim Kaine, Democratic Senator from Virginia and Hillary Clinton’s running mate for Vice President last year.

The younger Kaine – who was wearing a mask during the demonstration – was arrested and the outcome of his arrest is yet to be determined.

Would it not be better if that energy spent for negative protests were directed toward something constructive, like working together for the betterment of the country?

I am pointing the blame right at the leaders of the Democratic Party, for their strong voice against such demonstrations and violence would put a stop to that nonsense.

But then, politics, as I see it is about money. I have often wondered how the Clintons, who claimed to be broke when they left the White House, could afford a million dollar home in New York. Apparently Obama has inked a multi-million dollar book deal that will keep him out of the poor house for the rest of his life. Richard Nixon, who spent most of his adult life as a politician resigned the office, but still lived in luxury. Jimmy Carter, a poor peanut farmer from Georgia falls into that same scenario. Harry S. Truman was the only president in my lifetime that had financial trouble, until the government passed a retirement fund bill for former presidents and Harry got a retirement check, five years after he left the White House. At present, former presidents get $205,000 annual retirement for their service.

Of course we have had presidents that had larger bank accounts when they entered office, like Trump. Others that I would include in this category are FDR, Kennedy and Johnson, Reagan and the Bushes.

The following quote is from Natalia Castro, contributing editor of Americas for Limited Government: 

“The difference between the United States and every other country is that in other countries the government provides people with opportunities. Here we choose our opportunities.

“The logical flaw of the left is the attempt to provide individual choice by transferring those choices to the government. The key to individual liberty is that choices remain with the people. Government should only act to ensure that people can still make their own choices – by leaving people alone.”

I remember the quote by Adolph Hitler and what can happen if we allow the government to control our choices and actions. He said: “We’ve eliminated that conception that everyone has the right to say whatever comes into his head.”

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton