Days of Old – 3-1-2017

Days of Old – 3-1-2017

10 years ago
Tribune of February 14, 2007

The Glenwood City School Board recognized its valedictorian April Risler, daughter of Terry and Lorrie Risler; and salutatorian Katherine Berends, daughter of Julie and Joe Berends.

Kenny and Lorraine Schouten were the Grand Marshals of this year’s Emerald Horse Parade. They were the founders of the parade 25 years ago.

Frustration with the lack of progress over the incomplete re-mapping of the floodplain in the village prompted Village President Steve Fischer to e-mail a state DNR official and a state senator in an attempt  to get the five year project moving to completion. Finally, some action was taken, as two state DNR officials and new state senator Pat Kreitlow attended the monthly meeting February 12.

25 years ago
Tribune of January 22, 1992

New officers were voted on at Monday night’s Boyceville school board meeting. Craig Conklin, who was serving as vice president, was elected president. Lynda Bird, who was serving as clerk, was voted in as vice president. Bruce Palmer, who was serving as president, was then voted to replace Lynda Bird as clerk.

Governor Tommy Thompson has announced that the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) has lowered the interest rate on its HOME Mortgage Loan program from 8.21 percent to 7.9 percent. Thompson said, “This is the lowest rate that WHEDA has offered since the HOME Mortgage Loan program began in 1982.”

A new support group started last February entitled “Separated, Divorced and Widowed Christians” (SDWC). Based in Menomonie, SDWC now has almost 50 people in Dunn County attending their monthly meetings. The SDWC is not a single club nor a religious sect, rather, it comes down to practical Christianity by being there to care for each other.

50 years ago
Tribune of April 6, 1967

The Glenwood City Co-op Services held a grand opening for their new fertilizer blending plant here last Friday.

Flood waters swept through a county line road just a little north of the former Soo Line depot site north of Downing last week Thursday when the record setting 78 degree temperatures made the snow banks disappear in a hurry. 

All eight constitutional amendments voted on Tuesday seemed to have passed the state wide voting. 

60 years ago
Tribune of February 28, 1957

Burglars broke into Don Burton’s Standard Oil filling station at Emerald sometime during Sunday night and escaped with about $30 in cash, 12 tires, 3 inner tubes, a battery, oil filters and other merchandise, totaling a value of $356.32.

Robert Pohl took top honors as the grand champion exhibitor at the annual Grassland Farm Institute and Forage show held at the Glenwood City school gym here last Thursday.

Lawmakers at the state capitol last week decided to put the question of Daylight savings time directly up to the people of Wisconsin by passing a referendum election to be held along with the election on April 2. About 10 years ago there was a referendum to decide the fate of Daylight Savings time in Wisconsin, and at that time it was defeated by a fairly decisive margin.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
January 19, 1922

At their meeting at the city hall Tuesday evening, Stephen S. Curry Post No. 168, American Legion, voted to establish a permanent headquarters in the Masonic building. The post equipment – such as rifles, flags, drums, bugles, etc. – will be placed there and the new quarters will also be available for club room purposes as needed.

At the Women’s Auxiliary of the A. S. of E. at the John Lyons home near Glenwood City Sunday, the women decided to drop the name of the A. S. of E and take the new name of Progressive Farm Women’s League.

Louis Luty, residing three miles south of the Emerald post office in the town of Glenwood, was sentenced to three months in the county jail for selling liquor to Glenwood City juveniles, convicted by his own confession. He denied selling liquor to three Glenwood City juveniles on December 10th, but admitted that he had sold some white mule on September 10th.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
March 4, 1982

Chris Wisemiller won the 1982 state Class C heavyweight wrestling champion ship title on February 27. A February 28 pep rally was held at the school  to congratulate Wisemiller for capturing the first state title in the history of Boyceville High School sports.

Effective March 10, General Telephone Co. of Wisconsin will introduce to Wheeler exchange customers a new $143,000 electronic local and long distance call-channeling facility. Telephone users  in Wheeler will have to change dialing procedures for many types of local and long distance calls.

Approval has been given by the Boyceville Village Board to apply to the state Public Service Commission for an increase in the village water rates. The rate of return on the village’s water utility investment for 1981 was 1.99 percent, down from 5.3 percent fro the 1980 figure.