Boyceville woman pleads not guilty to 14 charges

By Cara L. Dempski

MENOMONIE — A 41-year-old Boyceville woman has entered pleas of “not guilty” in three separate cases in Dunn County Circuit Court.

Lori N. Klund was arraigned February 13 on two counts of uttering a forgery, seven counts of forgery, one count of felony bail jumping, three counts of possessing an illegally obtained prescription, and one count of uttering a forgery as a party to a crime.

Klund was initially arrested in August 2016 after she allegedly passed two counterfeit $20 bills at two separate Boyceville businesses. A search warrant executed at her home yielded several more pieces of counterfeit United States’ currency, some of which matched serial numbers with the bills passed. A check noted by Boyceville Police Chief Greg Lamkin as a “clear forgery” was also discovered in the home. 

The check was made out to Klund’s significant other, Zachary D. Morgan, who has also been charged with several counts of forgery in related incidents.

Klund was a passenger in a vehicle during a traffic stop in which medications not prescribed to her were discovered by the Boyceville Police Department. This resulted in her being charged with bail jumping and possession.

In late September, the Menomonie Police Department filed a report with the office of the Dunn County District Attorney indicating several counterfeit bills matching the serial numbers of those found in Klund’s home were used to pay for admission to the Dunn County Fair in late July.

Klund’s attorney, Scott Schlough, requested dismissal of all charges, and filed a request for a judicial substitution in all three cases from which the charges stem. The substitution was granted on February 16, and Dunn County Judge Rod Smeltzer took over the case. 

A pre-trial conference is scheduled for April 4, 2017, at 2:15 p.m.

All told, Klund faces 14 charges, 11 of which are class H felonies and punishable by a fine of no more than $10,000, six years imprisonment, or both per count. The three possession charges are misdemeanor charges that could result in a $500 fine, no more than six months in prison, or both.