Off The Editor’s Desk – 2-15-2017

Paula and I are enjoying our vacation and as of Sunday we moved from Sedona on to Las Vegas. But what I want to talk about is a woman who was recently deported from Arizona to Mexico.

Last Thursday evening as I was watching the ten o’clock news on channel 12 out of Phoenix, they spent a considerable amount of time on the story of the Mexican woman that was deported.

This story has nothing to do with President Trump’s travel ban.

The TV program started out as a large crowd of protesters had gathered around the Border Patrol Officer’s van with the woman inside. They were attempting to halt the proceedings and hoped she could remain in the United States.

It made my heart very sad as she was removed from her two children. The TV reported that she came into this country illegally as a teenager, married and had two children. Now her son is an adult and the daughter is in high school. 

The kids were interviewed and how sad a situation it was. Is this what our country has come to? A country without compassion! Several other people were interviewed and showed support for her and her family.

On the other hand, a woman who was interviewed had lost her son to an illegal that was driving while under the influence. Her son was a police officer.

But the rest of the story is that this illegal Mexican woman was arrested for identity theft for using some other person’s Social Security number so she could get a job. It sounds like a small infraction to me, but if it had been my number, I wondered how I would be affected?

This story has a somewhat happy ending, as the TV crew went into Mexico and found the woman with relatives and her two children were also there for a reunion.

Now, the television station does a survey on their main story for the evening. The question was, “Do you agree or do you disagree with her being deported?” I quickly thought with all the people protesting, the survey result would have most people disagreeing with her being deported.

The results, however, showed that 57 percent agreed with her being deported.

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton