Days of Old – 2-15-2017

Days of Old – 2-15-2017

10 years ago
Tribune of January 31, 2007

Jessica Quinn, 22, along with her family and boyfriend were in court last Friday to attain a restraining order against Fred Booth, Glenwood City boys basketball coach, who has been placed on administrative leave since the January 14 incident.

The Glenwood City Police Department has set up a tipster line for any non-emergency calls for the police department for those who wish to remain anonymous. The new tip line is 565-4TIP.

At their annual Christmas party the St. Croix County Tavern League raised $610 dollars to support the St. Croix County Sheriff Department’s K-9 Unit fund.

Gas was below two bucks for a short time in this area ($1.99), but it went up a few cents over the weekend.

25 years ago
Tribune of January 8, 1992

The church renovation at St. John the Baptist Parish in Glenwood City that got underway last summer was near completion in time for the holiday season. Father Robert Urban said that the project would be finished in early February.

Natural gas could be in Glenwood City and Downing by mid-summer, according to Wisconsin Gas Company representatives who were at the common council meeting to talk about the company’s desire to extend its gas line to Glenwood City.

After 30 years of service with the United States Postal Service, Wheeler Postmaster Melva Mickelson announced her official retirement date of October 1, 1991.

50 years ago
Tribune of March 23, 1967

Payments totaling $6.5 million were mailed last week to every city, village and town in Wisconsin by the State Highway commission. Locally, the City of Glenwood City received $804.70; Wilson received $200.20; Boyceville received 551.85; Downing received 228.15; and Wheeler received $109.20.

Income tax refunds of many Wisconsin taxpayers are being delayed because they have not used the right table or schedule to compute their tax, the IRS reports.

Oil paintings by Mrs. Minnie Oliver are now on display at the Glenwood City Public Library and can be seen at the regular library hours. Mrs. Oliver is Mrs. Chester DeCamp’s mother and is 83 years young. Most of the pictures on display were painted after she was 75.

60 years ago
Tribune of February 14, 1957

The Glenwood City Machine Shop has just completed five of an order for ten Forage Boxes being built for the Gehl Bros. Manufacturing Co. of West Bend, Wis. The complete self unloading chopper box, without the wagon, is priced to sell for $886.00.

George Smith has been appointed the rural mail carrier at Downing, taking over his new duties on Saturday, February 9. He has previously served that office as postmaster for about the past 15 years. Donald James has been appointed acting postmaster at the Downing office.

The Common Council of the City of Glenwood introduced a resolution to vacate that part of Fourth Street lying between Oak and Elm Streets. A public hearing on the resolution to abandon that part of the street will be held on Tuesday evening, March 5, at 8 p.m. at the Fire Hall.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
January 5, 1922

The Glenwood City opera house now has ample heating facilities to make it warm on the coldest night. The A. C. Harriman company has just completed the installation of a large Torrid Zone furnace,  the largest ever installed in Glenwood City.

The New Year service at the Downing M. E. church was very unique and original. twelve young ladies represented the twelve months of the year and as each month was ushered in, Rev. A. F. Acker lighted a taper that each one carried.

Glenwood City, always in the forefront in most matters of enterprise and progress, is missing on one cylinder in the engine of community spirit. And that is the first cylinder and we will entitle it “Get Together”

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
February 18, 1982

Boyceville Village Police and the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department are investigation three break-ins that took place in Boyceville during the early morning hours of Feb. 12. The break-ins were reported at the Boyceville High School, Keyes Chevrolet and Yamriska’s North Star Station.

Approval was given by the Boyceville School board to negotiate a land transfer agreement with the Clear Lake School Board. With the proposed transfer, two tracts of land located in the northwest corner of New Haven Township would go to Clear Lake School District in exchange for a tract of land due north of section four in New Haven Township in Barron County and the Clear Lake School District.

It’s never too early for spring training! Even though the snow on the softball diamond in the Boyceville Community Park was three feet deep, students from Boyceville High School and the surrounding area were practicing on Feb. 14.