News from the Hay River Helpers

The Hay River Helpers 4H club of Boyceville has been busy.  In November we had our awards banquet and we purchased turkeys for Thanksgiving and donated to West Cap.  In December we sponsored two kids and purchased things for them.

I went with my Mom and brother to Walmart and we bought things for them that was on their list.  Some clothing items they needed as well as fun stuff too.  At our December meeting we brought in individually wrapped snacks and put them in stockings and donated those to West Cap as well.  

Our January meeting included a sliding party at our club members, the Tonn’s farm.  We enjoyed their hill and snacks afterwards.  Our next meeting is Feb. 13 and we will meet at Tiffany Creek in the Art Room.  The plan is to have a painting party.  Larinda Hessler will lead the members in a painting on canvas project.  We can learn more about it and see if it’s something we want to do more of and maybe even take a painting project to the fair this year.  In March we will be learning more about the leather craft.

The Hay River Helpers have been busy with service projects but also having fun!!

Respectfully submitted by 
Gracie Casper, Reporter