Off The Editor’s Desk – 1-18-2017

Like it or not, come Friday, Trump will be president

Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump will take the oath of office at noon eastern time on Friday, January 20th. He won the electoral vote by a count of 306 to 232. I am taken back when I heard people say that they will do all they can to keep him from becoming president. 

Get over it, he won the election and you will survive the next four or eight years, maybe even a better life than you had in the past eight years. I survived the Obama years and we will all survive the Trump years.

I did get email correspondence from Jill Stein, who ran on the Wisconsin Green Party ticket for President and got less than one percent of the vote nationwide. She begged on her website for funds to cause a recount in Wisconsin and then to raise money so she could send a delegation to Washington D. C. on January 20th to protest at Trump’s Inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. I heard of a local gal tweeting that she would be going to the Inauguration so she could give Trump her middle finger. To me that just shows her I.Q.

Now, Trump won 31 states to Hillary Clinton’s 19 and the District of Columbia. She did get more votes by almost three million, but she lost the electoral college vote.

I just can’t get it that those people need to stir the pot when they should come to their right mind and realize that if we all work together and find common ground to make this country better, we all would benefit.  

I was not a big supporter of Donald Trump, but he won the election and that can’t be changed. I realize that he was short on the vote count. Trump collected 62,979,636 votes while Hillary Clinton got 65,844,6120. But this is not the first time in our history that the person that got the most votes lost the election. It happened back in the 2000 election with George W. Bush over Al Gore. It also happened a couple of times back in the 1800s.

If it was not for California, Trump would have won the popular vote also. Hillary got 8,753,788 in California, while Trump collected only 4,483,810. If you remove California from the vote total, the rest of the states gave Trump the victory by almost one and a half million votes.

There is the cry that we need to do away with the electoral vote. I just gave you a good reason to keep it.

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton