Days of Old – 1-18-2017

Days of Old – 1-18-2017

10 years ago
Tribune of January 3, 2007

For the third consecutive year, Wisconsin citizens and businesses devoted a larger share of income to federal, state, and local taxes. In 2006, taxes claimed 33.4% of personal income, up from 33.1% in 2005. Total tax collections rose 4.9% to $61.4 billion.

Two separate vehicle accidents on the evening of Friday, December 29 kept local and St. Croix County law enforcement officials, Glenwood City ambulance and fire personnel busy. The first accident occurred on County Hwy G when a car driven by Thomas Bivens of Glenwood City left the roadway and struck some trees.  The second occurred on Highway 128 north of the city limits where a car entered the east ditch, took down a no-parking sign, struck a field driveway and went airborne, landing upside down. The driver was not at the scene.

25 years ago
Tribune of December 11, 1991

Gordy Smith resigned as the president of the Boyceville Community School Board last week. Smith was on the board for the past eight years and was president for the past eight months.

The November 14 injunction against the Village of Boyceville, issued in Dunn County Circuit Court in response to a suit filed by Franklin Retz is still in effect. The suit charges the village with illegal property infringement by laying a pipe and constructing an out-fall structure on land to which Retz claims ownership.

About 100 people attended the hearing of the proposed Wilson Post office closing, and no one showed support in this change to the community post office. The current postmaster hopes the overwhelming show of support for the post office will deflate attempts to close it down. A formal proposal from the USPS regarding the future of the office is expected sometime next month. 

June and Herb Norton were honored by the Hudson VFW Post at a party on Sunday afternoon. Herb served the VFW unit in Hudson for twenty years. Herb recently retired from the Hudson Star-Observer and they have moved into their home in Downing.

50 years ago
Tribune of February 23, 1967

Allen Hagen has purchased the Glenwood City Implement Company and has now taken over that business. The former owners, Joe Hellmer and Ben Cloeter, will remain with the firm for some time or until the new owner becomes acquainted with his new business. Mr. Hagen formerly operate the Phillips 66 Service Station here.

Dennis Logghe is the new operator of the Phillips 66 Service Station here. The former operator, Allen Hagen, has taken over the management of the Glenwood City Implement Co.

Maple Street in Glenwood City (highway 170) is getting ever narrower as the huge pile of snow pushed up by the plows creep farther and farther into the street, a situation that caused the state highway department to issue an order that all cars must  be parked on only one side of the street. Parking will now only be allowed on the north side of the street on even numbered dates and on the south side on odd numbered dates.

60 years ago
Tribune of January 17, 1957

Nearly 300 chickens were suffocated in a fire early Monday morning that nearly destroyed the chicken coop on the Henry Wienke farm in the Village of Wilson.

This year a peculiar situation exists  in which all the alderman will be up for election at the April election. Normally only half of the six are elected each year, but due to the recent resignation and replacements made the by City Council, the whole Council will be up for election.

The “Gay Nineties Review” is the title of the musical program to be presented by the Glenwood City elementary schools on Wednesday, January 30, at 8 p.m. All the students in the local school will take part in the presentation.

Owners of heavy vehicles are reminded that January 31, 1957 is the due date of the first returns and payments of the new Federal tax on the use of highway motor vehicles. The new tax applies to the use on or after July 1, 1956, of highway motor vehicles having a taxable gross weight of more than 26,000 pounds.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
December 8, 1921

At a meeting at the town hall Monday evening, the Glenwood City Local, American Society of Equity, was disorganized. This action came to action as a result of dissatisfaction with the action of the state convention at Eau Claire last week.

An organization known as the “St. Croix County Branch of the Wisconsin Humane Society” has been formed and character by the state to do the work of such societies, “prevention of cruelty to animals, stopping abuse and neglect to children, helping those in need and teaching kindness toward all living creatures.”

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
January 21, 1982

Hot lunch prices may soon be going up in the Boyceville School District, due to the reductions in expected state aids.

A compromise was reached between the Boyceville Board of Education and the company responsible for the recent installation of the carpeting in the new Community High School. The concern was over defects in the carpet. The company agreed to give the district a 50% discount on the costs of 257 square yards of nylon carpeting and labor required to install it (approximately $1,500 in savings). 

A fire broke out in a ceiling heater at the Glenwood City Junior and Senior High School building Jan. 15 at about 11:30 a.m. and was extinguished by the Glenwood City Fire Department before noon.