BHS Teacher Andrew Hamm receives 2016 Eau Claire Civil Air Patrol – AEM Teacher of the year award

Senior Member (SM) Andrew Hamm of Boyceville received the 2016 AEM (Aero Education Member) Teacher of the year award from the Civil Air Patrol Eau Claire Composite Squadron.  

Hamm, the high school science and math teacher and Science Olympiad advisor at Boyceville High School, has been a great addition to the Eau Claire Composite Squadron. Hamm has introduced the Eau Claire Squadron to the Science Olympiad Program. Through his hard work, he has developed one of the best Science Olympiad teams in the Midwest. The Boyceville Science Olympiad teams continue to excel, and host one of the largest Invitational tournaments in the country.  

In the past year, SM Hamm, who joined the Eau Claire Composite Squadron a year ago, has developed a relationship with the Civil Air Patrol and the Science Olympiad program. He had requested the Eau Claire Composite Squadron to set a up recruiting booth at the annual Boyceville Invitational tournament held in early December each year. The Squadron did just that, and had many Science Olympiad students and coaches take note of the Civil Air Patrol program. 

SM Hamm also asked our Wisconsin Wing Commander Col. Rose Hunt and previous Squadron Commander Major Corey Miller to assist in the awards ceremony at the tournament. Many of the students and coaches from five states all commented that it was an honor having such distinguished guests helping with the awards ceremony. 

SM Hamm’s outstanding work with the National Science Olympiad program gave way to allowing our Eau Claire Composite Squadron to become very involved in the National Tournament that was held in May 2016 at UW-Stout. SM Hamm helped arrange community service events for Eau Claire Cadets during the National tournament.  The Cadets were given the opportunity to assist where needed and deliver over 2,000 lunches within a 2-hour time frame. Some of the Cadets also helped in the days prior to the event setting up the campus for the National Science Olympiad Tournament. While others assisted during the tournament by helping run events.  

SM Hamm took the time out of his busy schedule this past summer to help teach some classes of AE during the Wisconsin Summer Encampment. He taught a pair of classes, one on Severe Weather, and the other on Archimedes Principal. The Cadets were taught with a hands-on approach, in which the Cadets were required to either do a buoyancy lab, or plot a severe weather scenario. SM Hamm was very impressed with the professionalism of the Civil Air Patrol’s Wisconsin Summer Encampment and the staff. He expressed what a joy it was to have such respectful and eager students.  

“I believe that SM Hamm has and will continue to nurture the relationship of the Civil Air Patrol and the Science Olympiad group,” said 2nd Lt. Kelly Owen, Assistant Deputy Commander of Cadets with the Eau Claire Civil Air Patrol.

The Eau Claire Composite Squadron will continue to assist at the Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitationals.

SM Andrew Hamm has gone above and beyond working with the Civil Air Patrol and the Eau Claire Composite Squadron added Owen.