Days of Old – 1-11-2017

Days of Old – 1-11-2017

10 years ago
Tribune of December 27, 2006

The LUT-E-FEST sign of the downing Cafe was mentioned by Stacia DeWitt on XM radio, channel 171 “Open Road” show on Christmas Day, as she discussed having her first taste of Lutefisk.

People in the Boyceville community have been pulling together to help Dave and Lisa Yamriska after they lost their home (which was not insured) and its contents in a fire that was started by a dryer malfunction on December 7. 

As the remodeling of the old hotel in Glenwood City continues the progress of the building at First and Pine Street that was the center of discussion at recent council meetings as to have the building demolished because of its disrepair. But the owner is having it remodeled and progress has been made since the remodeling started several months ago.

25 years ago
Tribune of December 4, 1991

An oil painting of 2nd Lt. Ellen G. Ainsworth, commissioned two years ago, has been hung in the conference room in the Pentagon which was named in her honor.

The Glenwood City Common Council has set a meeting for tonight (Dec. 4) on what to do with the City Park on First Street. Recently the city had received an offer to purchase the park for a residential building site, but council members and Mayor Terry Klinger felt that they should allow the citizens of Glenwood City to decide what should be done with the land. The park is located to the east of St. John’s Catholic Church property, and has been used as the City Park for more than 65 years.

This Friday, from 10 a.m. until noon, officials from the st. Paul branch of the United States Postal Service will be at the Wilson Community Center to meet with village residents regarding the future of postal service in that community.

50 years ago
Tribune of February 16, 1967

Three men were seriously injured Sunday night when the snowmobile they were driving went off a railroad right of way ridge and plunged 20 feet into a ravine. Injured are Melvin Holldorf, Ronald Anderson, and Delroy Stone.

Dean Marlette, a native of Glenwood City currently living in Hudson, has been appointed patrolman by the Police and Fire Commission effective January 1, 1967 for the City of Hudson.

John Clair, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Clair, Sr., is the Glenwood City public school winner of the local Minneapolis Tribune spelling contest. John is in the fifth grade. Second place winner is Lula Mounce of Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Mounce. She is in seventh grade and will serve as alternate for the county contest.

60 years ago
Tribune of January 10, 1957

The Glenwood City Fire Department answered a call at 11:10 a.m. on Monday morning to the Glenwood City Implement Co. The basement of the building was being painted and when the spray came in contact with the hot furnace it caused a mild explosion. Very little damage was done to the building.

The tax roll for the City of Glenwood City year amounts to a total of $78,012.84, which is a raise of $1,456.45 over the roll of last year.

The real estate and personal property tax for the Town of Emerald this year is down $211.09 from last year, with this year’s total being $65,565.71.

The tax roll in the Village of Downing this year is down $413.38 from the tax roll of last year. The total for this year amounts to $13,101.48.

Taxpayers in the Township of Glenwood this year will have to dig a little deeper to pay their real estate taxes and personal property taxes, for this year they amount to $71,742.52, a raise of $1,333.64 from last year’s total.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
December 1, 1921

Farmers in the northwestern part of Dunn and northeastern part of St. Croix counties are finding the Holstein cow a bond of mutual interest. Saturday, under the direction of D.P. Hughes of Menomonie, the Northern Dunn and St. Croix Holstein club was organized as a branch of the Dunn County Holstein association.

Saturday noon the fourteen-year-old son of Jim Cadwell, of route one, was painfully burned when a cartridge he was loading exploded. His hair was singed off and face and eyes burned, but it is thought no permanent injury received.

Joe Aebly, who is at the Chippewa Falls hospital recovering from burns received from a gasoline explosion last week, will undoubtedly lose the sight in one eye.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
January 14, 1982

Father Thomas Crowley, priest for St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Elk Mound and St. Luke’s in Boyceville, has been reassigned to St. Rose of Lima parish in Cadott. Rudolph Urbic will temporarily tend to Elk Mound and Boyceville.

According to Gary Horky of Boyceville, he as a woodsplitter that may be one of the only two-way woodsplitters in operation anywhere. Horky, a welder by trade, did the designing, engineering and constructing of the splitter in his spare time.

Rob Bosshart, a senior at Boyceville High School, is the local winner of the Wisconsin Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution award for good citizenship and patriotism.