Boyceville Village Board hears updates from department heads

BOYCEVILLE — The Village Board listened to updates from department heads including Maintenance head Don Rose and Police Chief Greg Lamkin. Rose informed the board that he has received e-mails from a firm that has antennas on the water tower and he noted that they apparently are going to make some updates.

Rose also told the board that the village auditor has contacted him about a needed rate increase in the water utility bills. Rose said that he was requested to put together cost figures on projects that are planned for the water utility improvements. A couple of the projects that he mentioned were the next phase of the Anderson Hill extensions and new digital water meters.

Rose informed the board that it has been ten years since the last rate increase of the water utility. “We basically have been living off the rent from the cell phone antennas,” Rose said.

Rose told the board that they may be hearing from village residents that received bills from the village for snow removal on sidewalks. “The village crew shoveled six to eight sidewalks because owners did not clear the walks.” Rose said bills were sent to those people.

During his report, board member Bud Gilbertson questioned Rose about what happened in Blaine, Minnesota and if it could happen in Boyceville. At Blaine, apparently the water pumps failed to start and the community ran out of water as the water tower went dry. This caused a notice to all users that they should boil water before using it. Rose said, it could happen, but a “community that size can drain the water storage facility quickly.” 

Police Chief Greg Lamkin discussed the new officers on the force and noted  they are getting to meet people in the community. He also noted that there would be more police coverage in the village with the new personnel.

He also talked about a break in the counterfeiting case and that more charges have been filed against those accused. Lamkin noted that the new squad car should arrive later this month and then at times the village will have two vehicles on patrol. Later in the meeting when the board was discussing paying the bills, it was noted that there was a bill for $2113.90 for video equipment for the police department. Of that amount, $411 was for body cameras for the police officers. The rest was for equipment in the new vehicle.

Village President Gib Krueger said that he attended an Economic Development meeting last month along with some other board members and he had also met with the county sheriff and the DARE officer.

The board approved operator’s licenses for Melissa Stuart and Rachael Wallace.