Out of the Past – 1-4-2017

Out of the Past – 1-4-2016

10 years ago
January 3, 2007

The Red Cross Bloodmobile stopped at Colfax High School’s Martin Anderson Lobby Dec. 20, and 69 units of blood were donated. Donor pins were presented to Ted Pretasky, one gallon; Vergene Viets, eight gallons; Rosemary Schindler, nine gallons; James Neikirk, ten gallons. Nineteen first-time donors were registered.

Making ice cream the old fashioned way was among the fun activities Colfax High School students could sign up for the final day of school before Christmas vacation Dec. 22. 

Tax forms have been arriving at the Colfax Public Library since the last week in December. They are located in the hallway. The library provides basic forms. If a specific form is needed, it will need to be acquired online. The library has two Internet computers for patrons.

25 years ago
January 2, 1992

Full page ad: A 20 percent discount plus a free one-year subscription when you order your wedding supplies from the Colfax Messenger. 

With a little help from special friends, residents at Area Nursing Home sampled their favorite Norwegian goodies — lefse, krumkaga, sandbakkels and rosettes.

From “Potshots and Skyhooks” by Marlin Raveling: Dec. 21 was the 100th anniversary of the invention of the game of basketball by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Mass. Basketball was designed as an indoor activity to meet the physical education needs of young male students at Springfield College who could not participate in game-like outdoor activities during the winter months. Naismith was a physical education instructor at Springfield College. James W. Stebbins, a janitor at Springfield, got his chance to become a footnote to sports history when he could not find two boxes 18 inches in diameter that Dr. Naismith had asked for, so he dragged a couple of peach baskets over to the gym. They were fastened to the 10-foot high railing which ran around the gym, and the fun began. It continues 100 years later. 

35 years ago
January 7, 1982

Thunder, a seven year old retriever, towed Pam Lipka and her dog sled around Colfax Jan. 3 thanks  to recent heavy snows which made the streets perfect for sledding. Lipka is the wife of the Rev. Jerome Lipka, pastor at Colfax United Methodist Church.

Already feeling at home in his new location, Gary Grant handles duties for the certified public accounting firm of Olson, Knutson and Co. SC., at the Colfax office the firm opened Jan. 4 in the former Peoples State Bank building at the corner of Main Street and East River.

The Otto Bremer Foundation donated $7,800 to the Dunn County Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. Larry W. Schleusner, president of the Colfax Peoples State Bank, presented the check. Continued support by the Bremer Foundation is especially welcome following recent social program cuts by the federal government and the state government. 

50 years ago
January 5, 1967

Tom Dunbar, who has been stationed with the Air Force at Shepherd AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas, arrived home Saturday for a leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Dunbar. He expects to report for further duty at Elgin AFB, Florida, January17.

The Dunn County Chapter of the American Red Cross collected and filled 100 gift bags with personal gifts for servicemen in Vietnam and mailed them in November. Under project chairman, Mrs. Lloyd Kaunzer, the chapter tripled its quota of 33 bags and sent 100. 

From Helen G. Reed’s column (co-owner of the Messenger), “Winding Up the Yarn”: The human brain is a wonderful thing. It starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.

65 years ago
January 3, 1952

Pastor Theo. Boe reports that Colfax Lutheran Church was filled for the Christmas Eve candlelight service Monday, December 24. Only candles were used for illumination. This is the first Christmas Eve service at Colfax Lutheran, but Pastor Boe feels that since it was so well received, there might be a growing demand in the future. 

On Tuesday of this week, Jan. 2, a deal was culminated in which Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gilberts became owners of Frank’s Four Corners on the east edge of Colfax on Highway 40, and the well known and popular Colfax couple took over the same day in operation of the grocery, gasoline and confectionary business. The property will be known as Gilberts’ Four Corners. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Multerer took over the property exactly six years ago on Jan. 2, 1946, purchasing it from Peder Rasmussen.

Olaf Olson, 70, popular and highly respected custodian at Colfax Lutheran Church, died instantly on Tuesday afternoon when the automobile in which he was riding was struck by Soo Line diesel freight No. 26 at the Main Street crossing at about 1:10 o’clock. He was riding in the front seat opposite the driver and was thrown clear of the car when it was struck on that side by the eastbound freight. The body was thrown under the wheels of the diesel engine and ground to pieces under the moving freight. Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Olson were in the company of their daughter, Mrs. William Dutter, her husband, and their little son, Dean, all of Riverdale, North Dakota. The five occupants of the Dutter automobile were en-route to Elk Mound to visit members of his family during the afternoon.

100 years ago
January 5, 1917

The regular annual meeting of the Colfax Produce Co. will be held at the new store building on the south side of the R.R. track in the village of Colfax, Dunn County, Wis., on the 2nd Monday, being the 8th day of January, 1917, at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Rev. M.E. Fraser had an experience with W.E. Van Brunt’s team of ponies last Sunday. As it was, no one was hurt, and the ponies are the none the worse from the experience, but the sleigh was somewhat broken up. In backing out of the shed at the church in Cooks Valley, the hind runner of the sleigh caught on some object, and the ponies, not willing to be foiled, made a lunge backward and broke the leather attaching the neck yoke to the tongue, and then the fun began. They reared and plunged and made their get-away over an embankment and across the road into a deep snow drift where they were finally corralled. In the fracas, the tongue and a few other minor parts of the rig were damaged, but farther than these, no harm resulted, although the Elder says he does not care to drive these ponies again.