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Boyceville ambulance board approves 2017 budget of $437,044

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE  —  The Boyceville Community Ambulance District Board has approved a budget of $437,044 for 2017.

The ambulance district board met October 12 to review the budget and levy for 2017.

The budget includes $180,000 for EMT and driver wages; $12,000 for the EMS chief’s wages; $9,600 for captains’ wages; $11,000 for department supplies; $7,750 for training; $500 for village office/personnel expenses; $23,000 for various kinds of insurance; $80,000 for uncollectible runs; $17,000 for LifeQuest collection fees; $9,177 for the principal on long-term debt (new EMS station); $8,667 for interest on long-term debt; $20,000 for depreciation expense; $4,800 for telephone, Internex and iPads; $2,000 for Xcel Energy; and $1,200 for WE Energies.

The assessments presented for 2017 are based on actual runs in 2015 when there was transport of a patient.

The assessments are calculated by multiplying a $21.94 per capita standby charge by the number of people in the municipality plus $1,033 per run based on the number of runs for the municipality in 2015.

In 2017, the Town of Hay River will pay $27,815, compared to an assessment of $34,538 for 2016.

The Town of New Haven (the part of the township that is covered by Boyceville ambulance) will pay $23,428, compared to $36,265 for 2016.

The Town of Sheridan (the part of the township covered by Boyceville ambulance) will  pay $10,083, compared to $6,764 for 2016.

The Town of Sherman (part of the township) will pay $30,665, compared to $20,927 for 2016.

The Town of Stanton will pay $39,113, compared to $37,221 for 2016.

The Town of Tiffany will pay $33,296, compared to $34,108 for 2016.

The Village of Boyceville will pay $108,599, compared to $81,121 for 2016.

In 2015, Hay River had 14 runs (compared to 23 for 2014); New Haven had ten runs (compared to 24 runs for 2014); Sheridan had seven runs (compared to four for 2014); Sherman had 20 runs (compared to 11 runs for 2014); Stanton had 21 runs (compared to 20 for 2014); Tiffany had 19 runs (compared to 21 for 2014); and Boyceville had 82 runs (compared to 60 for 2014).

In 2013, Boyceville had 40 runs.

The Boyceville Ambulance Service provided mutual aid outside of the service area, standbys or transfers 33 times in 2015, compared to 24 times in 2014.

According to information presented to the ambulance district board, the Boyceville ambulance service had funds on hand of $62,153.60 as of October 12.

For the month from September 13 to October 12, the Boyceville ambulance service had a payroll of $16,925.96 and bills amounting to $11,501.75.

The Boyceville Ambulance District Board meets next on November 16 at 7 p.m. or immediately following the fire board meeting.