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Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-5-2016

Governor Scott Walker

Paula and I had the pleasure of attending a reception for State Senator Sheila Harsdorf last Tuesday evening at the home of Steve and Jennifer Knuth of rural Hudson. A special guest at the reception was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

We were a couple of the more than 75 guests that were in attendance and had the opportunity to met a number of people from the western part of St. Croix County. One of the guests was Steve T’Kach, who was the head of the St. Croix County’s communications Center just after it came on line a number of years ago when I was a member of the St. County County’s Public Protection Committee. Steve is back to supervise the installation of new radios. How and what they are, I did not ask, because I would not understand all the jargon about these electronic devices.

We listened to a short talk by Senator Harsdorf and the governor. He told a story about Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Apparently Pence and Walker were friends for some time and Governor Walker was in Indiana with Governor Pence for an event. First they were in one building and then had to go about three blocks to attend another event and Governor Walker suggested that they walk down the street to the second event.

This was a time before Governor Pence was chosen by Donald Trump as his vice presidential running mate. While walking outside the governors were greeted by a volleyball team, and one of the team members recognized Gov. Walker from his appearance on the Republican Presidential Candidate debates. The team asked if they could have a picture taken with Gov. Walker and the team, to which he agreed. The team member with the camera handed the camera to Governor Pence and asked him to take the picture.

Governor Walker noted that he had to introduce Governor Pence to the team and asked one of his assistants to take the picture.

Governor Walker also noted that he was helping Governor Pence to prepare for the Vice Presidential debate by assuming the identity of the Democratic Vice President candidate Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton