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Out of the Past – 9-26-2016

Out of the Past – 9-26-2016


10 years ago

September 27, 2006

According to the provisions of a new three-year agreement with Safety & Respect Driving School of Eau Claire, Colfax High School students will begin paying the full cost of driver’s education instruction in the summer of 2009. Safety & Respect will charge $330 per student per year.

Country schools in the Colfax school district will be featured in the sixth edition of the Colfax Historical Calendar that will be available in November. The calendar is produced by the Colfax Municipal Building Restoration Group.

The Village Inn, 512 Main Street, will celebrate its 20th anniversary Saturday, September 30. Outdoor entertainment, raffles, and food specials. Free beer 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

25 years ago
September 26, 1991

King-size banana squash came out of Lawrence Gundlach’s garden on the south side of Colfax. One measured 29 inches in length and the other 36 inches.

The Dunn County Board reviewed a preliminary budget of $30.84 million September 18. [This year on September 21, the Dunn County Board reviewed a preliminary budget of $78.4 million.]

As of September 27, Colfax Farmers Union Co-op will no longer accept telephone bill payments for GTE (General Telephone & Electric). Colfax Farmers Union will continue to be a drop-off/pick-up point for telephone deliveries.

35 years ago
October 1, 1981

Colfax High School’s junior class won the Homecoming float competition September 25: “We’ll tame the panthers, and we ain’t kitten!!”

The Colfax Vikings won their homecoming game against St. Croix Central 20 to 16.

Dean Borofka, village trustee, said at the September 28 village board meeting the name of the park next to the ball field is Stuart Park, named in memory of James Stuart, who was a youth working with the crew building the park when he was killed in an automobile accident in 1965. Few people know the actual name of the park, and Borofka said he thought a sign should be erected there.

Due to problems last Halloween, three police officers will be on duty in Colfax the night of October 30 and four will be on duty the night of October 31.

50 years ago
September 29, 1966

Adult evening classes in home economics are again being planned for this year and will be held at Colfax High School.

Game wardens and conservationists are beginning to think the animal that has killed 165 lambs in the Popple Creek and Norton areas is a lynx.

Color TVs on hand now, 19-inch, 21-inch, 25-inch, starting at $409.55 with trade at Hoyland Electric.

Sunday dinner featuring boiled ham and cabbage, potatoes and butter, salad, vegetable, bread and butter, coffee and dessert all for $1. Sportsman’s Bar & Cafe, Colfax.

65 years ago
September 27, 1951

A 23 ½ inch walleye was found dead in the bay by Elk Point Resort with an 11-inch perch in its mouth. The picture did not turn out as clear as hoped for, but it nevertheless shows the large walleye with the perch still in its mouth where it became lodged because of being too big for the big fish to swallow.

At a special meeting of the Colfax Village Board and authorized representatives of the Colfax Cooperative Creamery Company board September 19, the Colfax creamery agreed to pay for a portion of the new sewer plant and collecting sewers.

University of Wisconsin football games will all be carried over the state FM network, which includes the Colfax station WHWC 88.3.

100 years ago
September 29, 1916

The opening dance in the new municipal building will be held on Friday evening, October 6th.

The brewery owned by Joseph Heidmar near Menomonie was destroyed by fire last Sunday, the loss being estimated at $15,000. The origin of the fire is not known. The only “wet” spot now remaining in Dunn County is a saloon in the western part.

A stalk of corn 14 feet high, raised on the Alfred N. Amble farm, was on display at the Bank of Colfax this week.