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Dunn County Solid Waste and Recycling welcomes new director

The Dunn County Environmental Services Department would like to announce a warm welcome to new Dunn County Solid Waste and Recycling Director, Morgan Gerk.

A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduate with academics in natural resource and biological conservation, Gerk has over 25 years of experience working in the environmental sciences for various public and private agencies. Gerk’s career path began with services in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources fisheries management units, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Great Lakes WATER Institute, where he worked to improve advances in fisheries ecology and freshwater sciences in the Great Lakes region.

He also worked nationally for the largest marine oil spill remediation and emergency response organization in the United States, where he performed coastal mitigations and environmental oversight of oceanic and terrestrial pipeline spills, bulk tanker spill abatements, and emergency environmental responses to hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

Most recently, Gerk was a Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist for the non-metallic mining industry in Wisconsin, ensuring that companies adhere to strict environmental permitting standards, while also implementing dynamic solid waste and recycling opportunities for the industry.

A Wisconsin native, Gerk reflects a passion for resource conservation that is unmatched by most. He looks forward to expanding Dunn County’s solid waste and recycling opportunities, while advancing the industries of responsible waste management throughout the state.