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Days of Old – 8-3-2016

Days of Old – 8-3-2016

10 years ago
Tribune of July 19, 2006

Sandy Kopecky, opened her business on June 26 – All About You Fitness. The new fitness place is on Main Street in Glenwood City, in the former Curves building.

A matter that had divided Bob Schmitt, a trustee on the Village Board of Boyceville, and the Village for the last eight months will be heading to small claims over Schmitt’s request to the village for 151 per diems as a member of the board in 2005.

Justina DeNucci opened the Barn Door Country Store last week in Glenwood City in the space that was formerly Marie Berenschot’s craft store. The Barn Door will specialize in crafts, tanning, and Bridgeman’s ice cream.

Glenwood City FFA member Mitchell Erickson is the winner of the 2006 FFA State Tractor Operator Contest. Erickson was one of 10 district winners who competed at the contest held July 11 in Sheboygan County. He had earlier won the District 2 contest.

Carol Kelm announced her retirement after the school year ended. The last 23 years were at Glenwood City, teaching vocal music at the high school and elementary level.

25 years ago
Tribune of June 26, 1991

A public forum was held at the Community Center here last Thursday night as many village, city, county, town, state and highway officials comprised a gathering of 40 to discuss issues concerning state Highway 170, and 130th Ave. from Highway 128 to Downing. There was unanimous agreement on just one thing, that 130th Ave. or the ‘cut across’ needs to be improved for the amount of traffic it is handling.

Bauer Financial Reports, Inc. is pleased to announce that First National Bank of Glenwood, Glenwood City, has been awarded its five-star rating for the second consecutive quarter.

The Boyceville School Board approved a donation of playground equipment, in the form of an outdoor basketball court with four baskets, from Tom and Kim Schoonover, and the Boyceville Parent/Teacher Organization. The basketball court will be a memorial to Aaron Schoonover, Tom and Kim’s son who died in a tractor accident north of Connorsville last July 5th.

50 years ago
Tribune of September 8, 1966

The schools of Jt. School District No. 1, which opened for classes this year on August 29, have a total enrollment of 1,008 students.

Fire last Friday evening totally destroyed this barn on the Mrs. Mary Link farm on Highway Q north of Downing in the Town of New Haven. The fire is believed to have been caused by children playing with matches in the barn.

Sixteen box cars of a Northwestern freight train were derailed and wrecked in the Village of Deer Park about 3:00 a.m. last week Thursday.

60 years ago
Tribune of August 2, 1956

The Lutheran God-Home-Country Award for 4-H Club members was presented to Robert Wall at a service at the Zoar Lutheran Church at Emerald on Friday, July 20. Robert is the 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wall and a member of the Bellringer 4-H Club.

H. K. Halverson, 65, editor of the Boyceville Press Reporter for over 40 years, passed away last Thursday night at the Menomonie hospital.

Cheese sales increased 50% over normal sales during the Wisconsin Dairy Week campaigns conducted in 20 out-of-state cities.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
June 30, 1921

J. C. McDonald is this week opening up a second-hand furniture and furnishing goods store in the Odd Fellows building. He will handle goods in carload lots.

A whole bunch more of fine street improvements are being made in the city, including concrete curbs and gutters on the first two blocks on Maple street and the grade of North First street.

Have you named your farm, or is it just known as the “old so-and-so and such-and-such place”? The Tribune office will be glad to assist any farmer in selecting a suitable name. Come in and see us.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
August 6, 1981

Boyceville grocery store will now be able to sell liquor as a result of village board member actions at the August 3 meeting despite protests by local bar owners.

There were 67 participants in the Boyceville Summer Rec Olympics held July 30.

We now have 2.5 year certificates earning an interest rate of 14.90% with an effective annual yield of 16.307% if left to compound. A minimum deposit of $500 is required. National Bank of Boyceville. – Adv.