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Days of Old – 7-27-2016

Days of Old – 7-27-2016

10 years ago
Tribune of July 12, 2006

Marilyn Bowell, officer in charge for the Downing Post Office, had a memorable day on “The Price Is Right” June 20, winning, among other things, a 2007 Ford Focus wagon.

Jim Wall, after 35 years of teaching at Glenwood City, will be retiring effective at the end of the school year.

The Boyceville Village Board heard about expansion plans of Provesta Flavor Ingredients. Provesta is located in the old creamery building along Tiffany Creek and Highway 79. Provesta would like to purchase a parcel of land near the Mobil station to construct a 50,000 square foot warehouse.

25 years ago
Tribune of June 19, 1991

The Glenwood City School Board learned at their June 10th meeting that their district was one of the nation’s pioneers in the use of cooperative learning strategy entitled “The Temperament Theory”. The use of this innovative learning strategy puts Glenwood Schools on the cutting edge.

Construction workers were busy this week building an addition to the Glenwood City pool house. The addition will house a chlorine pump room and a concession stand. The project is one of many going on to improve Hinman Park.

API, Boyceville’s large custom blending and drying facility and the largest user of the municipal wastewater treating plant, will be paying the largest share of the Phase II waste water construction project. API will be paying somewhere between 65 and 75 percent of the costs.

50 years ago
Tribune of September 1, 1966

Monday, August 29 was the start of the new school year at St. John’s Parochial School and this year St. John’s Parish is providing bus transportation for the first time since the school was opened in 1958. Two busses have been purchased and the routes have 33 and 38 students on the routes, and each route is about 30 miles in length.

A new hydroseeder, a machine to plant grass seed and spread fertilizer at the same time, was demonstrated here Monday afternoon. It will be demonstrated in the area again on September 1.

A new format in the men’s bowling league was set up at a meeting at Mady’s Lanes and Lounge here last week. The Monday and Wednesday men’s leagues have consolidated to form a 12 team league with all games starting at 8 p.m. There will only be one shift per night with bowling on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This new arrangement will allow rural bowlers ample time to participate in the sport and will eliminate late bowling.

60 years ago
Tribune of July 26, 1956

Volunteer help is completing this addition to the Swine exhibit building at the St. Croix County Fair. The new 22’x60’ addition, is being built at the south end of the Swine building that was built last year. The addition will make the building 100 ft. long.

In one of the most harmonies decisions of its kind in years, the state’s conservation authorities have granted the army of Wisconsin deer hunters for this fall what ranks as one of the most generous deer hunting season of modern times. Hunters – expected to number about 250,000 – will be permitted to take bucks with spike horns of three inches in length or more.

The State Directory of the Farmers Home Administration has just announced the appointment of Earl R. Villman of Glenwood City to serve for three years as a member of the St. Croix County Committee.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
June 23, 1921

A dancing floor 127×50, with music by the famous Flanders Orchestra, of Minneapolis are two of the features which are expected to draw a tremendous crowd to Glenwood City on July 4th.

E. H. Radtke’s pure-bred Holstein “Irene” leads the cow-testing report this month, in which more than 100 cows go over the top.

The contract for the St. Croix county work on Federal Highway No. 64 went to P. H. Isaacson of Spring Valley, which included the building of two bridges, culverts, grading and graveling.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
July 30, 1981

Boyceville’s school district electors approved an 11.96 mill school property tax for the 1981-82 school year at the district’s annual meeting July 27.

Boyceville’s school board approved spending an additional $17,700 on the district remodeling and expansion project, in a  special board meeting immediately after the July 27 annual meeting.

Janice Theberge of Boyceville was the only woman of 13 competitors in the July 19 Indianhead time trials, a 25-mile trip between Menomonie and Knapp. Even though she finished last, she was happy with her time, as she finished 30 minutes sooner than she thought she would.