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Off The Editor’s Desk – 7-20-2016

Who is Mike Pence?

A couple of weeks ago I questioned who Mike Pence was. Well, after last Saturday, we all know who he is and what he has accomplished.

In case you are not informed and have not watched the news this weekend, Pence is the Governor of Indiana, and is who Donald Trump has chosen as his Vice Presidential running mate.

I watched the entire introduction of Pence by Trump on television, and was impressed. He has changed the state of Indiana by reducing taxes, cutting government spending, and cutting government control and has added some 175,000 new jobs in that state. And he has done all this while increasing the funding for education. Who else could a conservative like me ask for?

I thought Trump would be better off with a popular Republican from California as a running mate. But on second thought, there probably aren’t any popular Republicans in California.

Having watched the Trump campaign introduce it’s choice for vice president, I will have to watch Hillary when she introduces her running mate, even if it is Elizabeth Warren.

Another sad weekend of police being shot including one in Milwaukee, who is expected to recover. We, as citizens, must show our support to those that protect us.

Our president needs to take a stand against foreign entities that would harm us and to those citizens that seem to think that it is their right to target police and others because they are upset. They need to have their attitude adjusted.

How much money is being spent in Cleveland to keep protesters from interfering with the Republican National Convention and I’m sure the same will apply during the Democratic National Convention later in Philadelphia.

If only the protestors were an orderly bunch, then think of what good that money could be used for. Such things as a social agenda, more funding to schools. Spend it on better roads and better yet, cut my taxes.

I am sick of thinking about how violent we are as a society. Of course it is not something new. Our nation has condoned violence since its beginning. We used force to subdue the Native Americans. The guy that had the quickest gun won the west and now our kids are subject to very violent games and movies.

A very popular movies series is the “Bourne Identity” starring Matt Damon. Damon, as I have been told, is one who does not agree with our right to be armed. But his series of movies is just a kill and shoot up the entire scene with violence. I know his newest movie, which is scheduled to be released later this month, will gross millions and millions of dollars.

I have said enough!

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton