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Days of Old – 6-22-2016

Days of Old – 6-22-2016

10 years ago
Tribune of June 7, 2006

The Glenwood City 4x100m relay team set a new school record in the state finals of the event this past Saturday in LaCrosse. It was the fourth time this season that the squad of Josh Morrow, Jim Graese, Andrew Jeske and John Lindelof rewrote the record books.

After spending his first four years teaching around the country and overseas, and the past 27 in Boyceville, math teacher Mike Kneer will be retiring at the end of this year.

On Tuesday, May 23, a pony truss bridge manufactured in 1907 was transported from it’s location at Burkhart Creek in Spring Valley to the St. Croix County Fairgrounds in Glenwood City. The 47’ bridge will eventually provide vehicle and pedestrian traffic over Tiffany Creek, which divides the fairgrounds.

25 years ago
Tribune of May 15, 1991

If you are a lover of soda pop, Glenwood City is the place for the low prices. Recently, vending machines in Glenwood City began to dispense cans of the soda at greatly reduced prices, last week sporting pop at 20 cents per can. At other namebrand machines in the business district, one can get a can for two-bits.

In response to the April 25th Tribune Press Reporter story about Roscoe Garske’s retirement from the St. Croix County Board of Supervisors, County Clerk Sue Nelson called to inform that Garske’s seat in District 1 will not remain vacant and will be filled.  Because of county redistricting coming up later this year, the April 24 story stated it was a possibility that District 1 might lose one of its seats and would not need to replace Garske’s seat. Brian Hurtgen  from Emerald was going to be recommended to take over for Garske.

Part of the Action taken at the Common Council meeting of May 6th was the opening of bids for improvements at Hinman Park. The city has been awarded a grant from the state to cover the enlargement and recreational improvements to the park.

The Glenwood City High School Class will graduate 54 this Sunday, May 19 at 1:30 p.m. Steven Draxler is the valedictorian and Stephanie Bender is the salutatorian.

50 years ago
Tribune of July 28, 1966

Electors of Jt. School District No. 1 met for their annual meeting Monday evening, and approved without argument, a tax levy for school purposes of 18.5 mill, the same levy as had been voted for the past three years.

Don Bauerfield, 20, of St. Paul and formerly of Clear Lake, was killed in a head-on crash that occurred at about 11 p.m. a mile east and a quarter mile north of Richter’s corner (the junction of P and Q nine miles north of Glenwood City. Three others are in serious condition. The accident occurred when two vehicles met at the crest of a hill.

Within recent months there have been a great number of purchases of Hondas (motor bikes) made by parents for their teenage children. In many cases these purchases have been for children under the age of 16. A warning is hereby given that law-enforcement officers in St. Croix County will no longer merely warn such unlicensed operators when they are found on such motor bikes, but that they will be arrested for operating without a license.

60 years ago
Tribune of June 21, 1956

The water safety program of the Dunn County Red Cross chapter will be started this year in spite of the financial distress of the organization.

Formal announcement that a milestone of historic significance Wisconsin was made: The entire state has been designated as a modified certified Brucellosis-free area.

St. Croix County with 22 voting delegates had the largest delegate representation of any of the 11 counties comprising the 9th Congressional District at the State Democratic Convention held in Superior.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
May 19, 1921

Work began Tuesday morning on the construction to be done on the Glenwood-Emerald state road. This work will consist of cutting down hills and grading and will materially enhance the value of this important highway.

Work on the Every-Purpose Truck body factory in Glenwood City is going on a pace, although somewhat hampered by weather conditions the past week.

An attractive improvement has been made in front of Heist’s cafe on Oak street in the shape of a new concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
June 25, 1981

Construction crews are hard at work now on Boyceville High School’s building addition, with the end of the Eau Claire Construction workers’ strike which delayed the project.

Money will not have to be borrowed to pay teachers’ salaries as a result of state school aid money being paid. Boyceville schools received $279,000 in state aid.

Menomonie may lose one county supervisor, going from the present 12 to 11,  and rural areas may pick one up in the next county supervisor election.

Wenzel (Bunny) Humpal, Boyceville, has been elected president of the Wisconsin Auctioneer Association.