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Off The Editor’s Desk – 6-1-2016

How to screw up things, let the government run it!

If you want to see something running smoothly, keep it away from the government. For as long as I can remember, the United States Post Office is a prime example of how not to serve its customers. As a publisher, we depend upon the Post Office to deliver the weekly newspaper to our loyal subscribers.

Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear from a subscriber about a non-or late delivery of the newspaper. A couple of months ago, it took six days for our sister paper the Tribune to be delivered to customers in St. Croix County. Just to let everyone know, we don’t ever get a refund!

In 2015 the Post office showed an operating loss of just over five billion dollars. They spend about 85 percent of revenues on employee expenses. But, by the time you figure in all the other obligations of the post office, they lost about 50 billion last year. That figure is up from a 41 billion loss in 2012.

Another government identity that has made a big mess out of it agenda is the Veterans Administration Health Care. And it seems that they can’t get it fixed. At Tomah, Wisconsin Vets Hospital things were so bad that Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was called in to get the problem corrected.

How about the long lines at the airports where government officials are checking each passenger to insure that the flying public get to their destinations safely. You better allow an extra couple of hours to stand in line at the airport or take the train!

How can anyone every support the federal government in taking over the control of our education system? George W. Bush signed into law the “No Child Left Behind” legislation more than a dozen years ago. It looked like a great idea then, but the only thing it did was mandate tests and an unfunded agenda for local schools, and now its Common Core. Testing from those two has pitted one school against the other and left the gifted and talented student behind.

If you look back on the history of your local community, one of the first public buildings to be constructed in a new town was a schoolhouse. Local citizen knew the value of an education and supported it and they still do. Look in any community, and what is the one finest and well-equipped structure in that community? It’s the school. The local citizens have shown their support for local education by approving bonding issue put forth. We don’t need big government telling us how the educate our children.

A program that works in South Hackensack, New Jersey, may not work in Western Wisconsin. Keep schools in local control. As the November Presidential Election is now in the spotlight, I urge everyone not to support any candidate that wants the federal government to control and mandate anything to the local schools.

Thanks for reading!