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Off The Editor’s Desk – 5-25-2016

Big government programs are not the answer!

If you are a supporter of Bernie Sanders and his Socialist ideas, you better look around the world and see what is happening to countries where politicians use the government’s pocketbook to get votes.

I have listened to Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaign with promises of FREE education, health care and that the big government will take care of you and yours from the womb to the tomb.

I read a bumper sticker last week that said: “If you think medical care is expensive, wait until it’s free.”

Too many social programs cost the government more than it has.

We are all aware of Greece, where the government ran out of money and could not pay back the obligations on the loans they had received. Other European nations are also in that trouble.

But look at South America and what is happening in several of the countries down there. Especially Venezuela, where there is a shortage of food, medicine and electrical power. I looked up the Wisconsin Public Radio Ideas Network where Audie Cornich questioned a reporter about Venezuela saying: “a country experiencing food shortages, daily power outages, triple-digit inflation, not to mention serious political tension. This is Venezuela right now. Over the weekend, (last weekend) the socialist government there announced a nationwide state of emergency. It’s so bad that some U. S. Officials believe President Nicolas Maduro risks being ousted by his own military.”

A reporter noted that the government asked citizens not to use a hair dryer, because the country did not have the power to run a hair dryer.

Is this what is in store for us? Will we demand that we have the right to collect money from the public coffers and not put our nose to the grindstone and work hard, and move this country back to being great again, where everyone has a chance at the American Dream. Remember, by the time Obama leaves office, the United States will likely have a twenty trillion dollar debt.

Now having said that, I am well aware that we have people in our society that are unable to care for themselves and it is our responsibility to see that we stretch out our hands and help them. It’s the right thing and the Christian thing to do! I know that I am now in my declining years and the old body just will not work like it did and it would almost be impossible for me to stand on a concrete floor and operate a printing press for an eight hour shift.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton