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Five Bugles defers $5,120 invoice until Boyceville fire station RFPs evaluated

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE  —  Five Bugles Design has deferred receiving payment on a $5,120 invoice for services rendered until the Boyceville Community Fire District has evaluated the Requests for Proposals for a new fire station.

Members of the Boyceville fire board asked about the status of the additional invoice at the fire district’s May 11 meeting.

In July of 2014, Five Bugles Design agreed to do a feasibility study for the fire district about the possibility of building a new fire station and possible sites where a new fire station could be located.

Five Bugles, a division of Architectural Design Group out of Menomonie, completed the feasibility study for $5,000, and the fire district paid $2,500 on two separate occasions to cover that cost.

At last month’s meeting, members of the fire district learned that Five Bugles had submitted another invoice for $5,000, but since the company did not have a contract with the fire district, the fire board agreed to hold off on paying the second invoice.

After the April meeting, a conference call had been set up with members of the fire district and representatives of Five Bugles, reported Brian Marlette, fire chief, at the May 11 meeting.

The second invoice was for additional services that had been provided. Representatives of Five Bugles Design did not know if they would get the bid for designing the fire station and invoiced for the additional work that had been done up until that point, Marlette explained.

Rich Monn, representative for the Town of Stanton and chair of the fire board’s five-year planning committee, said Five Bugles had not gone through the committee, as they should have done.

Five Bugles showed up at a fire district meeting to give a presentation but had not gone through the five-year planning committee first. Representatives of Five Bugles thought the fire board seemed “hostile” when they were there, but the fire board did not know why Five Bugles was at the meeting, Monn said.

During the conference call, Five Bugles agreed to hold off on the additional invoice, he said.

“They thought they would not be allowed to bid (on designing a new fire station), but they are on the list for RFPs,” Monn said.

“We had problems because they did not go through the five-year committee … they cannot expect to work for us without a contract and a fee,” Monn said.

Representatives for Five Bugles thinking they were not on the list to receive a Request for Proposals was a “miscommunication,” he noted.

“It went better than I thought,” said Gilbert Krueger, Boyceville village president and chair of the fire board, referring to the conference call.

“They said they would go through the village after this to set up meetings and appointments,” Monn said.

In a related matter, on the recommendation of the Boyceville Fire District’s Five-Year Capital Improvement and Planning Committee, the Boyceville Community Fire District board approved sending out RFPs to a list of companies for proposals about building a new fire station.

Members of the five-year planning committee and the fire district board did not discuss the companies on the list to receive Requests for Proposals other than Five Bugles Design.

Those present at the meeting also did not discuss the parameters of the RFPs, such as square footage of the proposed fire station or configuration, such as one story or two story or how many bay doors.

The companies that receive Requests for Proposals will have 60 days to return them to the Boyceville fire district.

Giving them 60 days will allow architectural companies to make site visits and to gather the information needed for submitting a proposal.

The RFP stipulates that the proposals must be received by August 1, Monn said.