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Boyceville village board discusses building ordinances, sets new fees for accepting wastewater

BOYCEVILLE — The Village Board pondered a number of items at their regular monthly meeting Monday evening. Included in those discussions were items about changing the current zoning and building ordinances and setting new fees for allowing the dumping of wastewater into the Village’s treatment facility.

Patrick Beilfuss of Cedar Corporation presented the board with a proposal about matters brought forth at committee meetings about the current building and zoning codes. Beilfuss noted that they wanted to go over the codes to determine who and what needed to be permitted. “Who should be getting permits and how do we address this?” Beilfuss told the board. He continued, “What should the village be doing and what information do the residents need to know?”

Beilfuss had a chart on how to track what projects would require a permit. He suggests that improvement projects like new shingles or windows would not need a permit from the village. At present those items require a permit. He noted that if the project did not change the structure of a building, maybe a permit is not needed. He displayed a proposal form that residents would fill out when they were planning an improvement. This would address what would be done on the property and what permits, if any, would be needed. He said that the “committee is looking at not requiring permits for certain things.”

Village President, Gib Krueger noted that they would like to have one set fee which would cover the needed permits and inspections. Board member Keith Sorensen questioned Beilfuss about building in the flood plain. He asked, “A home is in the flood plain and the owner wants to build a detached garage next to his home, do we have to tell him the DNR said ‘NO’?” “YES,” Beilfuss quickly answered.

The village board took no action on this but will continue to study the proposal.

The board did take action to increase the rates for allowing businesses that dispose of septic tank or holding tank waste to dump the wastewater into the village’s treatment facility. The new changes will require the business to have a million dollars of public liability insurance. Also the dumping rate was increased to $95.00 per thousand gallons of septic tank waters. The old rate was $37.37. A new rate for holding tank waste was set at $10.33 per thousand gallons, plus a service fee of $40.00. The old rate was $4.88 per thousand gallons.

Don Rose, the village’s maintenance head, explained to the board what the difference between holding tank waste and septic tank waste was, noting that the holding tank has fewer solids in a thousand gallons. He also noted the time and cost of treating the different types of waste. He indicated that rates should be increased so that the users of the village’s sewer system did not have to pay for the treatment of outside waste that is dumped into the village’s facility.

Also discussed was a proposed ordinance that would regulate private alarm systems. Private alarms some times have called out the fire, police and ambulance only to find out that it is a false alarm. The village is proposing to create a guideline which would place a cost on that false alarm. If the fire department is called out to check on a carbon monoxide, smoke or other alarms systems the village receives a bill for that fire department service.

Beilfuss had prepared a proposed ordinance to regulate these alarms and had a cost included for false alarms. For a response by the fire or police department for first false alarm in a year would be no charge, the second time the change would be $250.00, and each time after that the charge would be $500.00. For a call involving a no burning permit for either the fire or police department the charge would be $500.00.

The board took no action on this matter, but will continue working on it.

In other village board action they:

• Approved a temporary class “B” license to sell fermented malt beverages for the Firefighters’ tractor pull on June 3 to 5.

• Approved a contract with ServPro for cleaning at the village hall, library and community center.

• Set a meeting with the school board and administration for Wednesday, May 18. President Krueger noted that the superintendent had questioned him why the two boards had not met before to discuss issues and things that both are involved in. Krueger also noted that he would like to see cooperation regarding a DARE program.

• Approved allowing four village employees to obtain village debit cards.

• Approved allowing two private well permits for 2016-2017.