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Off The Editor’s Desk – 5-11-2016

Whoever gets the most votes is, or should be the winner!

With Donald Trump taking top honors in the recent Indiana Primary election and his two competing rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, shutting down their bid for the Republican Nomination for President, one should think that all members of the Republican party should fall behind the Trump and push for his victory in November.

But what happened, quickly, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan voiced that he could not support Trump yet. If you remember, Ryan was the Vice Presidential candidate four years ago and is the Speaker of the House and at present the third in line to be president, should something terrible happen to the president and vice president.

But, Ryan, as the top elected official of the Republican Party needs to get behind who the voters are supporting, and that is Trump. Trump has long said that the race to the party’s convention is not fair. Trump has of this date outpolled all others in his bid for the Republican nomination and if he continues to do so, earns the support of Ryan and other top party leaders. I am not a Trump fan, and did not vote for him in the Wisconsin Primary. But this is not the first time that I voted for someone who did not win. If Trump collects the number of delegates to win the nomination, I will support him.

But things are not any better on the Democratic side. Bernie Sanders took the top spot in Indiana against Hillary Clinton, but she has the nomination almost sewed up for the Democratic nomination. Not because she has collected the most votes, but because the party has 300 delegates that the party bosses chose so they can determine who is the candidate, not the citizens of this country. Let the people decide.

Rick Manning of the Americans for Limited Government reminded me how Trump got involved in his run for the president. A year ago, Americans for Limited Government spent a $100,000 on a radio campaign featuring Donald Trump, opposing giving President Obama fast track trade authority to negotiate the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The radio campaign was primarily focused on early GOP primary states Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to counter pressure Republican candidates on the issue.

But the real story, according to Manning, is that the ad idea was hatched in the wake of a joint Cruz/Ryan opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal written in favor of providing Obama with what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called “an enormous grant of power.”

The Cruz/Ryan opinion piece provided cover for conservative members of Congress, and the seeming legions of big business lobbyists used it to great effect as they swarmed Capitol Hill trying to secure votes for a fast track.

Manning writes on how Trump got into the race. Manning was sitting at a McDonald’s across the street from Fox News headquarters in New York City, when the obvious struck him. He needed someone with a big name to counter the Cruz/Ryan momentum of support for TPP. Manning called two major Republicans to ask them to cut a radio ad; Trump immediately responded yes. Within days, the ads were on the air, only to be pulled down when Trump declared his candidacy for president.

It did not take long before the Republican Presidential candidates started to oppose the fast track and even Cruz decided that TPP was such a bad deal that he couldn’t vote to fast track it.

Manning summed it up this way: “Somewhat ironically, because Congress listened to Ryan and passed trade promotion authority for Obama, it fast-tracked Trump to the GOP nomination. Now the presidential campaign is consumed by a discussion of Obama’s Pacific trade deal and whether Congress should reject it in the lame-duck session after the election, with voters uneasy about outsourcing jobs and the lack of currency provisions.”

The TPP is a massive, controversial, pro-Corporation, “free trade” agreement among the United States and eleven other countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chili, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton