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Days of Old – 1-20-2016

Days of Old – 1-20-2016

10 years ago
Tribune of January 4, 2006

Denise Horstman will be starting up her own independent insurance company, Forte Insurance. The office is located in Glenwood City above the Hiawatha National Bank and the Post Office. A grand opening is planned for Friday, February 13.

The new facility of Harmony Hills Landscaping, Floral and Garden Center in Glenwood City is located across the street from the Tribune Press Reporter. The new sign on the south end of the building was installed last week, and a February opening is planned.

Michael K. Blaser of Downing was pronounced dead at the scene after a one-vehicle rollover on County Highway Q two miles forth of STH 170 in the Town of Tiffany on December 28.

25 years ago
Tribune of December 12, 1990

As a requirement for a State Wisconsin Development Fund Grant, which the Village of Boyceville has been seeking, and information meeting was scheduled on Monday night during the regular December monthly Village Board meeting. The grant, if the village succeeds in attaining it, will help pay for the upcoming costs of the new phase II sewer construction.

The Glenwood City School Board met twice the past week to discuss which direction they want to take on the district’s facilities. They will meet again on Monday night to further examine the matter and likely decide how they intend to involve the community.

Governor Tommy Thompson has announced that the Wisconsin and Minnesota Department of Transportation have selected “Buckhorn” site as the preferred alternative for a new St. Croix River bridge between Houlton and Stillwater, MN.

50 years ago
Tribune of February 10, 1966

About 100 people attended the open house and grand opening of the new City Library last Saturday afternoon in their new quarters located in the new City hall, the former Trinity Lutheran Church building at the corner of Pine and Second Streets.

At its annual meeting, February 6, the Faith Lutheran congregation of Glenwood City went on record as favoring by a large majority a fundraising appeal for $100,000.00 to be extended over a period of three years for the purpose of building a new church and new educational facilities.

Almost 40 per cent of Wisconsin’s approximately 80,000 dairy farmers have installed and are using milk tanks for cooling and storing of milk while awaiting for pickup or delivery.

60 years ago
Tribune of January 19, 1956

The state industrial commission charged with the responsibility, by law, of setting the minimum hourly wage rate for women and minors has tentatively ordered a revision of those rates. The advisory committee of 15 members, has recommended that the minimum wage for women and minors be increased from 45 to 70 cents in cities with more than 3,500 population; from 40 to 60 cents per hour in cities with more than 1,000 but less than 3,500; and from 38 to 50 cents per hour in cities and villages with less than 1,000 population.

The Glenwood City Co-op Services completed its third fiscal year of operation on October 31, 1955. Manager Milnor Johnson announced it was the most successful year, with total sales of $141,703, an increase of $14,173 (11.2%) over the previous year.

Rainfall for 1955 in central St. Croix County was over 5 inches short of the state and county average, according to Ervin Larson of the Soil Conservation Service, who is weather observer for the U. S. Weather in Baldwin.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
December 16, 1920

Last Saturday C. N. Cole of New Richmond purchased Krueger & Malueg’s garage, possession to be given April 1st. Mr. Cole’s son-in-law, Harry Stone, of Boardman, will be associated with him the conduct of the business.

Ford Dealers in many sections are concerned over the action of the company in abolishing territorial restrictions in the sale of Ford products, particularly in small cities and towns. Heretofore each dealer was assigned was a specific territory and was protected on any car, truck or tractor sold in that territory. Under orders issued last week it is permissible for any dealer to solicit and sell in any territory without regard to the rights formerly held by the other dealers.

The members of the United Lutheran church honored their efficient and earnest Sunday school superintendent, Oscar Gavic, last Friday evening by giving him a surprise party at the Gavic home.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
January 22, 1981

An appeal for a Spanish language teacher to come to Boyceville high school hasn’t brought “one glimmer of a possible candidate”, district administrator William Amundson told school board members at their Jan. 19 meeting.

She’s at it again! Theresa Davis, who has sewed warm-up suits for Bulldog teams and quilts for Bulldog boosters to raffle off in years past, completed a tied quilt with an appliquéed Bulldog and embroidered sports headings. The quilt will be raffled off by members of the Boyceville Booster Club who are busy selling tickets for it.

Dan Behling and Jill Anderson were crowned Purple and White king and queen were celebrated at a special dance after the Bulldog-Prescott basketball game Jan. 16.