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My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Hovde – Third Grade

My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Hovde – Third Grade

My favorite Christmas was in 2014. My favorite christmas was when I was 8 years old. I was up with my grandma that lives in Ohio. I got an Xbox 360 from:Santa Claus! My dad set it up in the basement. I was soso happy!! I got games that were on the xbox. I had Minecraft, Nt, lego Mavelsuperheros, Lego hary potter and Nettflex. I mostly played Minecraft. Nt second most. Nettflex thred most. I played minecraf with my cousin and borthers. Peter and Ryily.
Evan Berg, age 9

My favorite Christmas is when I got my very first innotab. I got a red blanket and a pillow and a bunkbed, a lamp and a four wheeler. I had a lot of fun. I made snowman in my back yard and went sleding down hills and raced with my friend’s and family and made cookies with my friends and family. That was my favorite Christmas.
Conner Berthiaume, age 8

I Love Christmas. I Love the presens that I got in 2013. I Love the candy I get in my stoking. I Love my sister. Sprisa face. So that is my Christmas. I Love My famly. And the whole world. I Love to say Ho Ho ho! hove a good Christmas.
Wyatt Bjork, age 9


My favorite Chistmas is when I went to the childerns museum.

WhenI was 8 I got to go to the childerns museum. I went in the mouth, I worked at the store and I dileverd the mail. I meet a new freind named Ella she had a brother calob he is 5 in a 1/2 and a sister Adey she is 3 in a 1/2 they were nice. We wired a house and did pluming. Me and another girl made the water go with the balls. We miked the cow and sat in the tracter. We played at the show place and Cunshugshinroom with my dad, Emma, Alice and me.

Wow, I hope we can go agian.

The end.

Gracie Burgraff, age 8


My favorit Christmas memory was when me and my family went sleding. We went to Chipowa Falls and we found a playse were you could drive and there were a lot of lights! We found a heumangis sleding hill. So we got our sleds and we sleded down if we went very fast. When we got to the end me and my Dad crashed but we still had alote of fun.
Brady Elmer, age 8

My favorite things for Christmas. I liked when I was eight my famliy made rice cripie houses. It was fun. I got a lot of stuff that year. I love hot chocolate with marshmallows on it. ON Christmas afternoon I went to play in the snow. I made snow pile and I went to jump it. It was fun. My thing I loved was snowmobeling. I had the best Christmas.
Aiden Fischer, age 9

My favorite Christmas was when I was 7. When I was 7 I knew Santa is a spiret. My favorite port of Christmas is abot god and Jesus. I Love to decorat the Christmas tree it is so much fun to me. for christmas I will mackacat toy for all of my cats and a dog toy for my dog. When I was 7 for Christmas I got a Moster Hig dol. I Love’d it so much I all most Cridofters of joy. I got a diery for Christmas too. Thait is my favorite Chistmas!
Merry Christmas
Anika Haseltine, age 8

I like spending time with family at Christmas. On Fridays we have family game night. Or sometimes we have movie night. I like the eggnog my mom makes. I like it when we decorate the tree it’s fun. Me and my brother Trey have a contest of who can hang there ornaments the highest on the tree. Then we make sugar cookies with my mom. I think I like the Dough more than the cookies. Then we like to decorate the cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Again in the morning we get litle prises in litle tiny stockings. The 23 days countdown to Christmas. I like skeeing at Christie Mountain. I like going on the jumps and riding up the ski lift. I like going down the hills.Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
Theo Hovde, age 9

My favorite Chistmas was 2014. Last year I got a PS4 and a sewing machine. Every Christmas me, my mom and my grandma, we baked cookies. they are so good. Next after we bake cookies, we eat them. last year we put a chistmas tree up with candy canes on it. We put puff balls on the candy canes and pipe cleaners for the antlers of the riendeer. the candy canes were colorful.
Merry chistmas!
Faith Jerding, age 9

My favrit Christmas was wen I was 5 I faund a toy dug. It really murd. I had fun. Istel have it I hufe to can go the batre sometims. So I git mab but it stel gos underwater. I git mab because I cann’t fined it. so to stop that I put it in my droer. I trn it off. I have 7 peaply in my famly.
Tristan Larson-Vazquez, age 9

I love geting presents for Christmas. My favorit present that I got was when Santa brought me a ipod. I love that present because I can play on it. You also can text on it. I also loved geting a stuffed animle in my stoking. It is soft and small. I get to open at least one present on Christmas Eve sometimes. I love geting presents at Christmas.
Ella Nelson, age 8

My favorite Christmas was last year when I got my Kindle fire HD6. My Kindle is awesom. I have lots of games on my Kindle. My favorite game is Minecraft. I have been getting different games from time to time. I bring my Kindle on the bus for my friend to play. I usually listen to the radio. I love Christmas. Its my favorite Holliday. Putting the Kingle together wasn’t hard. That was my best Christmas.
Rosie Sonnentag, age 8

I Love Christmas day a lot. Because we get to go see Santa claus and we got a small Christmas tree this year. Then we get to hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree it was very fun! Then we warped presents for each ather but I like it is very fun a lot. Then we put the presents under the Christmas tree till it is full of presents. Then we look for my elve on my shelf he hides a lot it is very hard to find. We get to open one before Christmas day but my mom said I can open a small presents. I like the small and big presents a lot because in the big presents I get legos. For the small presents I get small stuff like earings and some candy cane, bobble gum from Santa Claus. Mrs. Clause makes Annie a new sweter like a reindeer one and a red nose it is so cute on her a lot. Then we write a note to Santa Clause and give him cookies, hot chocolate.
Hannah Peterson, age 8

Christmas is awesome! I like to drink egg nog at Christmas, I like to play with my cousins! They’re nice! I love present’s! Santa is really nice! I have a nativity and Advent Calendar. Thanks for Christmas, Santa!
Alex Rose, age 9

My favorite Christmas was last year. We went to our dad’s side of the family for Christmas. Then we went home for Christmas. I got 3 lego X-box 360 games. I also got a ligh up lego set. We made peanut butter cookies. We made them look like reindeer. We also made Christmas shaped cookies. Then we went to our mom’s side of the family. We gave presents to each other. When we got home we went to Irvine Park to see the Christmas lights. I really liked Christmas last year!
Chelsea Rose, age 9

My favorite chirtmes memory is when I was 8 years old. I went to the bad lands the badlands is a snow tubing place. You would realy want to go their they have big snow hills and if you are hungry they have hot dog, apple juice and more and after we. Got done we went home we wathed moves. We had sparkle sode it was really really good. We stad up late wathing moves. And in the morning we woke up and saw a not from Sant. It said dear John you forgot the cookies but my reindeer like the food for them. Happy christmes for all.
John Riebe, age 9

My favorite Christmas is when my Grandma comes over. My Grandma comes over almost every year. Over Christmas when she comes over we have a lot of fun. Sometimes us girls go shopping or get are nails done. She gives us awsome presents for Christmas. On December 30, 2010 my Grandma bought a book called The Night Before Christamas but she could record her voice reading it to us. On December 31, 2010 we got it from the mail man. When we got it we were all so exsited about it. So we say down and read it.
Merry Christmas!!
Emma L. Palewicz, age 8

I love christmas. I love snowmen I love snow I love egg nog. Cookies joy trees elves. I love cup cak? I Jesus. I love candy I love winter I love lights I love Santa! I love hot chocolate!
Kiyorii Lowery, age 8

Santa is the most important thing about Christmas because Santa brings presents to the kids. I wish Satna bring a lego remote control Al-At Walker. Santa brought me a sinking Titanic last year. I like Santa because he is niste. Chrsristmas is the bist holiday ever.
Tony Ruff, age 10

On Christmas I had fun. frist I make cookies for Santa Claus. Nesxt I open presents I got a tractor a Nerf gun. 2 I went shoping with grama I got a toy. 3. I in joy Christmas puting up the Chritmas tree. 4. I went on the ice. 5. I went snowmolbels on the I fell off the snowmolbels. 6. I went on the ice with atv I fell off that. 7. went sled on the ice.
Colin Reinolt, age 8

I Love having hot chocolate on Christmas day. I Love to open my present’s because I get stuff. I got a special present on Christmas and it was a phone! I Love to get presents but I don’t like them to because sometimes you don’t get what you want. I like Christmas because you get to look and see what is in your stocking. I also get to go sleding in the snow in the winter. I get to bake cookies on Christmas Eve and put them on a plate and leave them out for Santa Claus. The most thing I Love about Christmas is spending time with my family and friends, I also Love the cookies a lot and so does my family and friends.
Aubrey Rihn, age 8

My favorite Christmas was when I was 5 years old. I got lots of presents, lots of candy, played with my toys. I had fun eating my candy. One of my presents I got was a artist kit. It has markers, crayons, colored pencils, chalk and lots of these other crayons. I had lots of fun playing with my artist kit. And had fun setting up my Christmas tree last year.
Sierra Stewart, age 9