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My Favorite Christmas – Mr. Secraw – Third Grade

Mr. Secraw – Third Grade

When I got a remote controled truck. then I got a lot of Packs of Pokémon. Next I got a lot of candy. My flashlight was one of my best.
Gabe Horchem

2013 becue i got my farvorit christmas present waschd tv. cooked cookies and decorate theem and frosting them. I hanged christmas ornaments wite my famly and cousins. we went sleading and dd sorwball fight together.
Kade Schroeder, 9

3 years ago because I got a puppy named Sydney. Before lunch I took anap then had lunch. Before dinner I played video games. then had dinner. then played with the dog in the basement. That wa the best Christmas yet.
Brayden Moen, 8

last years Christmas. I got to help My Grandma Edie Bake cookies and I got to Deckorate them By Myself My Grandma Said I could. And at My Mom’s I got to send a note to santa. It said How is Rudolph Doing He said He is tierd from flying all over the world. And I got a Nintendo DS life I got it in a cofe Box Made out of cardBord it was funny.
Eliza Mckee, nine

Wen I got a 4 wheeler. I got a 4 wheeler and a tablet that christma. I got white washed. and I went sledding. I got candy. christmas is fun. I like christmas.
Nathanial Kerr, 9

When I was five years old beacouse I staed up late and I saw santa out my window. And all my cousins on my mom’s side was thay’r and I started a snowball fight. And I hit my cousin Sophe first It was rilly funny. And at Christmas Eve night we all gave my cousin’s and Ant’s and my Grandma and Grampa presents. I Love Christmas.
Audrey Ebert, 8

When I went to my grandma’s house. Sometimes at Christmas at her house I get to Watch youtube videos. Santa brought me a new video game for my wii. My brother and I had a snow ball fight too.
Evan Cook, 9

My favorite present was when I got a feht tracter. When I went to Gramdmas and Grampas I went sledding. I drove four wheeler whith my coasins. I went to Minnesota I went to my Gramdmas and Grampas in Minnesota and I got a work bench.
Jakob Albricht, 8

When I went sleding with my cousins then we had hot choklet it was good. It was really Fun when we made snow men Then we nocked them down We also Made a Sno Fort it was cool. Chritmas Night I wated all Night For Santa but I get Tired and Fill a sleep But the Next mronig I Found lots of Presents under teh tree. I love Christmas.
Caleb Avntson, 9

When we went to our Grandpa and Grandma Kennys in Michigan a few days before Christmas. Me and my brother played outside it was wonderful. On Christmas morning we opened presents and went to our other Grandpa and Grandma’s house we opened present there then headed home. We opened present at our house and went to bed. It was a wonderful Christmas.
Zachary Hiitola, 8

My favorite Christmas was in 2014. I stayed home. I got a six foot long stuffed animal. It was a snake. I also got two farms. One of them had horses. It had stalls with it too. The other one has two cows. Our pets got a present too. The Christmas tree had lots of ornaments. Another gift I got were a few episodes of the Crocodile Hunter. Christmas is a very good holiday.
Veronica Johnson, 9

Last year. Last year I feed the ranideer it was really fun. And for presents I got cole and presents. And we had a party were you roll the dice if you get a even number you get a present all of are family and cousins where there it was really fun. and on christmas eave me and my brother went sledding.
Jaedon Knutson, 8

When I went to my grandmas house and played. We wacht tv. we played football and wend inside to get warm.
Ben Scharlau, 8

My favorite Christmas was last year. I went to my grandma Jeanies house. It was a lot of fun! We made Christmas cookies and gingerbreadmen. My cousins and I watched a funny and exciting movie called snowden. I got the present that I wanted most, a flutterbye fairy! My brother and I, looked out the window and looked for Santa, but he did not come. But in the morning, we woke up and there was presents from him! Last years Christmas was very fun!
Lydia Polkoski, 8

At Christmas I went to my Grandmas. We got lots of presents. I got a new video game. Then the next day we run downstairs and see all the presents under the Christmas tree. Then me and Owen go outside to make a snowman.
Drew Buchner, 9

My favorite Christmas was last year. Last year we went up north. Me and my brothers went sledding. We let cookies and white milk for Santa.
Autumn Niggemann, 8

wen I got to see what I got for presents. I got a pillow pet and a sled from my dad. My sister agot a pillow pet to. Me and my sister got to help decoarte the christmas tree.
Sienna Plank, 8

When I got a Amarican girl doll horse barn. I play with it alot it is fun to play with it. I also have a horse it’s right let moves up and down. It was a great Christmas.
Brenna Berg, 8

My favorite Christmas was last year when we had a christmas party. and we had a agly sweter contest and my cousin won. and we got icecrem! I like icecrem.
Shyann Rundle, nine

My favorite Christmas was last year. My dog Ace was barking because he did not know who was in the house. Santa claus was in the house. He gave Ace a bone and he stopped barking.
Matthew King-Berg, 9